Carboneum Sulphuratum. Homeopathy

Carboneum Sulphuratum
(Sulfur Dioxide)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Carboneum Sulphuratum
1 - () Difficulty thinking and belief, worse in children (imbecility, stupidity, idiocy, oligophrenia in general). Their behavior is childish.
Confusion as if intoxicated (Baptisia), distracted, looking for things that are before him. Go face obstacles if they do not exist. Poor memory, is not the right word or remember words.
Indifference to what happens around him. Indolent. Indecisive, shy.
2 - () Irritability by lower smallness, break the objects in his hand. Eager, excited, irritable. Is exalted as if drunk.
Mad, objects or wants to bite people who are nearby. His character is variable or has an exaggerated joy (and laughs for no reason) or a deep sadness, hopeless, voluble and incoherent or silent and prostrate, or sings and whistles or do not want to be spoken. Manic, stares at his hands, hears voices. Precipitate.
3 - () Fear of walking in the darkness of his surroundings, the future, and at night, losing reason.
4 - () Delirium worse at night, furious. Fantastic visions that scare him.
Hallucinations: hearing voices and believed to have committed a robbery, or has the feeling that there is a deep well at his side, where it can fall.
5 Attack of semi-consciousness with convulsions of the limbs. Sudden loss of consciousness lasting several days. Attacks such as hysterical, convulsive movements of the face.
6 - () Anxiety, worse morning, evening, in bed at night, before midnight.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Carboneum Sulphuratum
7 - () Great desire for open air.
8 - () Worse by extreme temperatures, heat, humid heat, in a warm room during the summer.
9 - () collapse, lack of vital heat. Numbness in certain places.
10 - () is the most useful medicine in constitutions ruined by alcohol abuse (Kent), great weakness in older alcoholics. Dwarfism psychophysics. Thinning. Sensitive patients, chilly, with atrophied muscles and skin and mucous anesthetized. It's a good geriatric.
11 - () Very useful for constraining the development of cancer (Graphites)
especially in the skin. Scirrhus. Lupus.
12 - () Worse: heat, at night, by the least movement, for the wine to have cold feet, for fats, for milk, hot food, for the bathroom, after breakfast, after stool. Better: the fresh air for hot drinks.
13 - () Burning pain, tearing, stitching, which appear at regular intervals for a long time, come and go quickly, with great decay and tremors.
14 - () asphyxia by carbonic anhydride or carbon oxide. Poisoning.
Passive haemorrhages 15.
16 Frequency.
Desire and aversion of Carboneum Sulphuratum
17 Desire for beer.
18 - () Aversion to meat, milk, fats.
SPECIFIC Carboneum Sulphuratum
19 - () Vertigo, worse sitting. Headache as if he pressed his head with a tight ring or helmet or a large weight in the forehead and temples, worse on waking and 22 hours, better outdoors and the rest. Pressing headache in occipital region and vertex, which lasts all day. Headache after sleeping and defecating. Headache as if the head is opened and closed, giving worse by shaking or heavy footsteps. Heaviness headaches after breakfast. Frontal fullness. Pain on brushing hair, can not be combed.
Hair loss. Itching of the head. His head falls forward when walking.
20 - () Pain in eyes when reading, as if itching sand. Vision cloudy, like a mist or veil, trembling. The objects appear green, then red and misty. He is wrong on the shape of objects.
liplopia. Blindness total discromatopsias. Contraction of the visual field for white and blue is not red and green. Central scotoma for red, for white and other colors. Blindness colors: blue, green, red.
Watch constant flashes, spots and bright lights. Floaters. Looks like a spider web before your eyes. Myopia. Tearing read. Conjunctiva somewhat insensitive to touch. Dilated pupils and slow reaction. Filaments and spots floating in the vitreous. Bright whitish nodule deposits in the macula lutea. Ischemia of the optical pupil, or atrophy. Pale optic disc, or Congestion. Congestion of the retinal arteries and veins tortuous.
Retiniatias dilated veins, narrowed arteries contracted. Retinitis along blood vessels, which have a double contour. Vision improved in the evening, at dusk, eating, by blinking, worse on an empty stomach, you can read after dinner. sunken eyes. Eyelids heavy, painful to move, trembling. Optic neuritis to atrophy. Styes.
21 - () points on the ears, after stool. Ear pain when swallowing. Ears. Sounds like roaring, bells, chanting, whistling and humming, walking tomorrow. Deafness. Meniere's Disease.
22 - () Tip of nose red, and burns as if raw, or cold. Tingling in the tip, with sneezing. Hipoosmia. Epistaxis.
Nasal obstruction. Dry nostrils. Chronic nasal catarrh.
Ozena. Polyps.
23 - () Face pale, dazed. Acne. Lips dry and burning.
Toothache by 24 hot meals. Sarro.
25 - () Stuttering, lisping. Salty taste (of phlegm), metallic, bitter, acid. Cracked tongue, cold. Dry mouth with thirst. Accumulation of sweetish water in the mouth. Saliva rubbery. Anesthesia of mouth and tongue. Nauseous and putrid odor from the mouth. Pyorrhea.
26 - () Tingling in the soft palate after bedtime. Sore throat to stomach. Hair sensation in the throat, as if a piece of bone had lodged in the upper esophagus. Swallowing difficult, with pain in left ear. Goiter.
27 - () Ravenous hunger or hunger with aversion to food. Loss of appetite, with fullness and satiety in eating fast. Great thirst. Burning acid belching after eating, with much flatus; better by belching. Nausea. Vomiting bitter, better later. Gastralgias shooting, burning, pressing. Feeling in the stomach tied. Burning.
28 - () Painful cramps in the womb at 10 am, followed by great weakness. Liver with edema of feet. Navel sunk, with cutting pains. Paredes belly aching, distension, noise. Strangulated hernia. Belly feeling full. Pain in the left lobe of the liver. Erratic pains with swelling. Distention of the abdomen, worse at 18 hours (Lyc.). Flatulence.
29 - () abundant and offensive flatus. Stools small, loose, yellow,
frothy, sour-smelling, with tenesmus and cramping, worse at night. Diarrhea eronica periodically every 4 to 6 weeks, lasting one or two days. After stool: headache, stitches in the ears, gastric pressure, burning, weakness and tremor. Bright red anal bleeding when defecating. Constipation hungry and belching. Burning v anal itching.
Cramp like 30 stitches in the bladder, urethra, along with an equal pain in anus and rectum. Frequency. Involuntary urination. Urethral burning during urination.
31 - () absent sexual desire, sometimes preceded by excitation. Impotence testicular atrophy. Left testicle swollen and indurated. Hydrocele.
Suda genitals at dusk. Nocturnal emissions.
32 - () Amenorrhea and infertility. Flow burning, irritating, itching.
Aversion to coition. Very weak labor pains.
33 - () Hoarseness, laryngeal heat, scraping. Hot breath. Dyspnea best outdoor deep breath, worse walking and overnight in a closed room, wants to have the window open to sleep. Stitches in the chest, to stop and resume quickly. Cough from irritation of the larynx or trachea or heartburn. Pulmonary tuberculosis; caves. Paroxysmal cough in morning and before midnight, worse from cold. Expectoration greenish, slimy, festering, stinking, putrid or salty taste.
34 rheumatic pains and stiffness in the neck. Sensation of a heavy stone between the shoulder blades.
35 - () Cracking joints. Paroxysmal pains tearing erratic as lightning, shock or stitches in the members, at regular intervals.
Weakness in limbs with cramps in the arms, legs and belly.
Contracture of arms and legs. Crawling on hands and arms. Stitches and shaking in her arms. Gradual loss of sensation in his right hand. Go to sleep the upper limbs and fingers, and is unable to hold small objects. Upper limb weakness with decreased sensation and mild paresis. Marked atrophy of the thenar and interosseous. Herpes on the backs of hands. Gout in the hand. Sciatica by taking cold, can not walk; chronic right side. Stiffness and pain in the lower limbs, with cramps, tingling, and tremors. Areas of hyperesthesia or anesthesia in the painful regions. Cramps in the calves, in bed, in feet, plants and fingers. Great difficulty walking, worse in left leg. Rheumatism in the hip and knee, worse on motion. As broken ankles in the morning in bed. Edema in lower limbs. Cold feet, worse at night. Eruption in the popliteal fossa.
Bromhidrosis feet, cold sweats. Ulcers on the legs and burning around nails. Veins in the legs. Insensitive feet.
36 - () sounds deep and prolonged. Disturbed sleep, wakes up with nightmares or shaking suddenly nervous. Constant tossing and turning in bed and move his head.
37 - () Chills unusual. Cheeks, hands and feet cold. Chills to 19 hours. Skin hot and fiery. The heat rising from the epigastrium to the chest and head and down to the navel. Sweats suppressed or absent sweating, or profuse.
38 - () grains. Sarna. Intertrigo. Erysipelas with vesicles. Itching at night in * love, worse warmth of bed, gets hurt. Skin hyperesthesia or anesthesia. Furunculosis. Chronic skin diseases with much itching.
Cracks in the skin worse in winter. Ulcers, burning, cancer, offensive,
indurated. Unhealthy skin.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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