Carcinosin (nosode of cancer). Homeopathy

CARCINOSIN (Nosode Cancer)
The data set out below have been obtained, in its majority, in fact especially clinical research due to the English homeopath DM foubister ( "Clinical Impressions of Carcinosin" British Hom. J.44, IV 1954 and subsequent work). It has been used throughout the Carcinosin, no-frills, but there are others currently in use: Stomach Adeno Carc, Carc Scirrus Mammae, Adeno Carc Vesica, Intes Carc. Compo., Squamous Pulm Carc.

1 - () are easily offended (Tuberculin).

2 - () Disorders advance; lives EVENTS advance the cough with anxiety, and often long before they should happen. Anticipacion with concern and anxiety: the late arrival of the husband, wife or child. Fear of examination.

3 - () Annoying, demanding, meticulous, detail, perfectionist and orderly in excess (Ars_A.), very neat and clean. Obstinacy.

4 - () Hypersensitive to music (sometimes he does mourn), with very strong sense of rhythm and dance. Children who love to dance (Sepia).

5 - () Very compassionate shares the suffering of others.

6 - () is aggravated by consolation.

7 - () Desire to travel.

8 - () Mental retardation, oligophrenia (Clarke), awkward, apathetic, distracted, does not answer. It focuses heavily. Mongols. 0, by contrast, gifted children, early, "who seem to understand more of the ordinary" (Paschero).

9 - () loves the thunderstorms, but rejoices in the rain and thunder.

10 - () Fears and old fears, coming to terror "(Foubister). Fear of the dark, dogs and animals in general. Fear of other children at school, does not know defense. Aversion to the conversation. Shy, cowardly. Neurovegetative dystonia. Fear in the stomach.

11 - () Very sensitive to reproaches to scares, frights disorders. Night terrors in the child.

12 Trends in suicide.

13 Gran fatigue with excessive irritability, worse in the morning to up. Indolence.

14 Major need for affection. Feelings of unhappiness and unhappiness disorder. Disorders severe or prolonged fear fright.

15 complex and rare (Hui Bon Hoa). Blinks, grimaces. He rips off the skin around nails.

16 - () The triad signologica, although not always present, is very characteristic, and is constituted by:
Complexion of the 1st color cafe con leche.
The 2nd blue sclerae.
Abundance of the 3rd lunar Nevus pigmentary spread throughout the body.

17 - () Carcinosin is especially indicated when there is family history and hereditary cancer (especially if there are several cases), tuberculosis, diabetes and pernicious anemia, or a combination of two or more of them. We also have a history of serious infectious diseases very early in infancy or in early infancy. In children with a history of insomnia. Especially useful in children as a constitutional remedy (Foubister). Solvey in our country has used it, with very encouraging results in cancer, metastasis or even in terminal situations, as a palliative, gives powers 30, 200 and 1000, sometimes daily.

18 - () aggravation or improvement to the seafront, discarding those derived from the simple fact of rest or to deviate from routine tasks. Carcinosin feel the sea, and for better or for worse. Postvaccinal disorders (Paschero, Schapira).

19 - () diffuse lymphadenopathy with fever. In acute infectious mononucleosis, can be very useful, since in the 200th, 3 times per day, usually "almost specific" (Foubister) as well as in the aftermath.

20 - () Frequency of 13 to 18 hours in the onset of symptoms.
Symptoms alternate from one side to another body (Lac caninum).

21 - () worse or better by heat or cold, worse from undressing, speaking or laughing.

22 - () Best: after a short sleep; by stormy weather.
Sense of beats or 23 beats.
Secretions thick and 24 acres.

Desire and aversion of CARCINOSIN

25 - () You can have both desire and aversion, often according to the time or the time, salt, milk, fruits, fats or eggs or meat fat.

26 - () I want butter, candy, sugar (Paschero) of smoked meat,
milk, salt and eggs.

27 - () deep throbbing headaches on the right side. Constricted feeling brain. Pressive occipital headache, worse on rising.
Myoclonus in 28 eyelids. Eyestrain. Styes.
Facial Paralysis

29. Cyanosis of lips.

30 - () pain in the palate, worse morning and evening and warm drinks, better from cold. Gums sore. Toothache. Language despapilada at the tip.

31 - () tight feeling in the abdomen, pain relieved by pressure or bending, or hot drinks. Flatulence. Liver failure.
Cyclic vomiting.

32 - () Constipation without desire. Stools hard, dry, or floating (Chelid.).

33. Tendency to masturbation.

34 - () Cough from tickling above or retrosternal worse from heat or cold air,
in a warm room, by laughing or talking (Rumex), by yawning. Tightness in the chest with desire to inspire deeply. Asthma.

35 Violent palpitations that the patient feels and hears (Spigelia).
Constricted feeling heart.

36 - () muscle twitching thighs, arms and back. Sacral pain. Pain, weakness and swelling in the thighs, better after a short sleep. Leg pain, better from heat and smooth movements, quick movements worse. Sciatica.

37 - () Sleep disturbed, restless. Takes to fall asleep at large influx of ideas awake almost all night, insomnia (Foubister). He wakes up with shivering. Sounds exciting. The child sleeps in a characteristic position, knee-chest or Mohammedan prayer (Medorrhinum). Also sleeping on your back with your arms above your head (Pulsatilla).
Acne Facial 38. Rash between the shoulder blades, worse undressing. Keloids.

Medorrh., Tub., Nat., Sep., Phos., Calc.Ph., Ars., Lyc., Sulph.
If any of these medications, even well indicated, does not improve.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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