Carduus benedictus. Homeopathy

Carduus benedictus
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Carduus benedictus
1 Anxiety, fear, starts by every noise, often with cold sweats.
2 Moody, angry.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Carduus benedictus
3 - () sensation of contraction in various parts of the body
4 - () burning sensation.
5 - () Worse from motion, touch, walking, to stretch the limbs.
6 - () Tension in the tendons. Pain in the joints and cracks.
SPECIFIC Carduus benedictus
7 Vertigo on raising the head, worse when stooping. Pressure occipital;
the front stoop. Heaviness in the head, confusion; stitches in the temples.
8 - () Sense of the eye (left) is pressed out.
Shaking in the corner of the eye. Tearing. Stitches. Feel your eyes wide. Blurred vision, turn it objects. Go gray or black spots or sparklers igneous better when you blink.
9 or bellows bells in the ears. Feel like a bladder burst, and then ringing.
Tingling in the nose 10.
11 Waves of heat to the face.
12 - () tightness or contraction in the mouth, which starts and ends slowly, better eating. Sialorrhea. Acid taste. Dry mouth with thirst.
Tingling in the root of the tongue.
13 swallowed hard.
14 Burning in the stomach. Yawns and hiccups. Sensation of emptiness in the stomach,
even when full. Poor appetite, belching, nausea, vomiting.
15 and cutting pains in the belly tironcantes. Paraumbilical weird.
16 - () Hoarseness. Pain in the trachea with a hacking cough; inspired air feels cold. Dyspnea. Have against the trachea, with tachypnea, inspiration difficult and wheezing, but by nightfall. Constant dry cough. Feel the chest as tight, can not sing or talk much. Beats under the left breast.
17 Dull pain in the back.
18 - () Members heavy, especially during fever. Dolores oseos.Al touch,
Plate 8ensacion painful. Arden arms to lean on them.
Contraction in elbows and arms. Feel in the veins of the forearms and a long knife, with burning. Tremor. Weakness in the knees when walking, but with fever. Feet weak after sitting.
19 - () Chills with fever and goose bumps. Fever, with heat to his face after eating, the whole body, without thirst, blurred vision and eye pressure, and breath, lips, hands and feet warm. Sweats with burning hot hands.
20 Meat Chicken. Red spots that later become yellow.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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