Carduus marianus. Homeopathy

1 Forget what lies ahead.
2 Melancholy of liver disease. Apathetic, no joy, sad.
3 Irritable.
4 - () Worse lying left side, on stooping; motion; by pressure, after dinner, for beer. Better: sitting aclelante leaning, sitting up in bed lying down, lying on the unaffected side, outdoors.
Desire and aversion of CARDUUS MARIANUS
5 Aversion to salt.
6 - () Dizziness with a tendency to fall forward, the better for a nosebleed.
Fullness in the head with frontal headache and temples, with confusion and vertigo. Constriction in the dome, above the eyebrows. Headaches with bilious vomiting, headaches, hemicraneas.
7 Press burning in eyes. Feel as if you pressed the sides of the contralateral eye orbits.
8 - () Tingling of nose with watery coryza. Sudden and profuse epistaxis.
9 - () Cara earthy, yellow, dirty or florid. Heat in the face.
10 Bitter taste. Tongue white with red edges and tip. Water in the mouth.
Sense of fat on the palate. Belching of air burning in the esophagus.
11 - () Nausea, retching intense pain and vomiting greenish liquid or acids. Nausea that appear to palpate the liver or epigastrium. Stitches in pit. Acidity. Pressure in the stomach. Empty feeling better eating.
12 - () The field of action of Carduus Marianus focuses primarily on the liver. There is a passive congestion, a plethora of portal venous system. Right upper quadrant fullness in need of inspiration. Pain in the liver, twitching or throbbing, worse from pressure and lying on left side tension lying on the right side.
Pressing pain in the liver, worse traveling. Biliary colic. Gallstone with large liver. Set a good bile flow, able to cure the tendency to form gallstones. Hypertrophy of the left lobe of the liver, with induration and pain. Hepatic region sensitive to pressure. Hemoptysis in liver disease. The gallbladder is enlarged and tender. Liver cirrhosis, with induration, atrophy, and ascites. Stitches in spleen, worse during inspiration, or stooping. Periumbilical movements in the womb at the expiration. Distension and rumbling in the belly.
13 - () Constipation, stool hard, knotty, difficult, rare, alternating with diarrhea. Putty-colored stools or yellowing. Burning in rectum and anus, can not sit. Itching. Hemorrhoids. Rectal prolapse. Melena. Profuse diarrhea rectal cancer.
14 - () Urgency to urinate. Pressure on the bladder. Burning in the urethra, worse sitting, in the meatus. Dark urine, golden, dark brown, with bile acid.
Urinary stones.
15 Menstruation profuse or deleted. Metrorrhagia cronica.
16 - () laryngeal irritation with coughing. Hemoptysis. Pain in the ribs on the left side, with pain when breathing. Cough with stitches in the chest and hemoptysis, it does sit on the bed. Stitches in the sides of the chest, but in the right base, worse cough. Dolores across the front of the chest, can barely move. Asthma.
17 points and chest pressure, breathing deeply with oppression.
18 - () Drawing pain in the back, especially on the inner edge and below the right scapula. Sensitive dorsal and cervical vertebrae. Burning in the left shoulder blade.
19 - () Violent rheumatic pain in right arm and deltoid. Drawing pain in the forearm, but the radial side, alternating sides. Cramps members. Pain in the hips, it makes up, worse when stooping.
Pain in the left tibia, dorsum of the foot soles and heels right. Varicose veins, varicose ulcers.
Nightmare lying on his back 20 (Sulfur). Restless sleep, wakes often. Uncontrollable yawning.
21 - () Chills on waking, with great desire to urinate at night, when uncovered. Sweat on the forehead and back after dinner.
22 - () Itching in bed at night. Eruption or yellow spots on the bottom of the sternal region. Jaundice, headache, bitter taste, white tongue, feces and urine bilious yellow gold.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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