The care of the colon (large intestine). Its importance to health

We will discuss:
The importance of proper disposal
Imbalances in the large intestine
How to rebuild the intestinal flora of the colon
Enema or enema, Coleman, colon hydrotherapy

Poor care in the care of the colon is probably the main source of poisoning the body. This self-poisoning is the main source of suffering and decline of society. Such is the case that the self-poisoning has become the master of the body and robs the owner of this, the clarity of thought, insight, wisdom, vitality, health, happiness and love.

To counteract this state, everyone needs education and knowledge. All physicians should use part of your practice time to teach patients how to take action to combat colon self-poisoning and how to live to be sick again. This statement should include how to prepare food and what foods to eat, how to combine and how to avoid recurrence of the problems that brought him to office.

The importance of proper disposal of waste from the colon

Of all the processes essential to health, adequate disposal of waste through the intestine is essential. Iridology confirms that, in the vast majority of patients attending a consultation naturist health problems in the iris of these patients reflects a state of serious bowel disease state, and hence part to the whole body of toxins that invade and weaken a person. We leave some kind of therapy to one side, but the care of the colon not only do not have to leave, but is the first thing you must meet.

For proper absorption of food in the small intestine has its interior wall intestinal villi million being dirty or coated with mucus, putrid fermentations impregnated in them, good prevent assimilation. This will cause the body is anemic and devitalized.

Bacterial activity of the large intestine is also important. These friendly bacteria synthesize valuable nutrients.

Neglecting the need to evacuate, or eating low-fiber foods lead to constipation. So accumulations on the bowel wall become a breeding ground for harmful bacterial life. The bacteria begin to multiply in this rotting further deteriorate the material and thereby take the step to suffer more serious consequences. The heavy layer of mucus that coats the colon thickens and becomes the host of putrefaction. The capillaries that connect with the colon, instead of nutrients, absorb toxins, poisons and harmful waste through the intestinal wall and shortly afterwards all tissues and organs of the body begin to receive such substances and it is thus begins the true self-poisoning physiological level.

It follows from the need to evacuate the waste, not only every day but almost after every meal we do throughout the day with well-formed faeces, soft and no foul odors.

Imbalances in the large intestine
Major imbalances are:

* Malfunction in the mucosa (crusting, decay, abscesses, ulcers, rashes, etc.)..
* Spastic bowel (because of an ongoing effort (constipation and diarrhea)).
* Constriction of the intestine (inflammatory disease such as colitis by damaging the tissue).
* Ulceration of the bowel (because of irritations, abrasions, infections and toxic concentrations).
* Diverticulosis (inflammation of the diverticula accumulated putrefaction in them).
* Prolapse of transverse colon (transverse colon fall of pressure on other organs). To maintain the correct position of our internal organs to evacuate the breech.

How to rebuild the intestinal flora
* 1 .- Removing accumulated fecal matter in the gut several times a day.
* 2 .- Changing the diet to cleanse the bowel.
* 3 .- Fasting.
* 4 .- Cleaning the colon through enemas or irrigation water under pressure.
* 5 .- free the mind from the bad old patterns.

We must also bear in mind that of all bacteria that are beneficial to the gut the Lactobaillus Acidophilus is the only one able to develop in the intestine.

Enemas or enema, Coleman, colon hydrotherapy
Enemas or bowel enemas are essential to restore the regularity of bowel movements and to cleanse the colon. Should be applied every day for a year to all those with hypoactive bowel problems, irregular or lazy. Two liters of water enema may take other medicinal substances. Coffee enemas help detoxify the liver. The tea linseed relieve inflammation of the intestine. The clay helps absorb and remove toxins that are found in the intestinal wall.

Enemas in the Colemans are which uses a bucket capacity of 15 to 20 liters of water. So it fills the gut and simultaneously expelling the dirty water will wash the colon. We must take into account the height of the tray so that more than high water pressure entering the intestine.

Colon Hydrotherapy
For those who find it difficult to perform this type of therapy at home or because of the need for more drastic therapy recommend colon hydrotherapy sessions with clinical equipment. Such sessions lasting an hour, during which time water is introduced (possibly better osmosis) at different times so that it is a thorough cleaning.

With these devices can introduce water to the most appropriate pressure and temperature that works best for the patient. Of course, you can add water any product or nutritional supplements that benefit the regeneration of the intestinal flora. These products highlight: Brottrunk Kanne, Acidophilus supplements, Quinton Hypertonic, etc..

Homeopathy for Constipation
With constant need to evacuate: Conium, Nux vomica. Plumbum metallicum, Pulsatilla, Silica, Sulfur.
Unwilling to evacuate: Bryonia alba, Graphites, Opium, Sepia officinalis.
With a sense that the stool back: Muriatic acid, Natrum mur, Opium, Silicea, Thuja occidentalis.
Constipation drug abuse: Nux Vomica.
Standing evacuated easier: Alumina, Causticum.
Constipation worsens in travel: Lycopodium clavatum, Platina.
Infant Constipation: Nux vomica, Opium, Sulfur, Zinc metallicum.

Supplements Store colon SaludBio:
One or two tablespoons of oil biolinosol fasting.
Use flax seed to prevent constipation.
The internal-use white clay absorbs toxins and can be used in intestinal washings.

For more information, we encourage interested parties to buy the books: "The cleaning of fabrics through the gut" and "radiant body" both of Bernard Jensen.

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