Carlsbad. Homeopathy

(Water of Hot Springs and Muhlbrunnen Sprudel)
1 - () Compassionate, comes to mourn the problems of others.
2 - () Think hard; incapable of any mental effort. Absent, forgetful, forgetting names, finds it very hard to express in writing, often omitted letters. Confusion.
3 Discouraged and anxious about work or domestic duties. Anxiety in a room, better outdoors.
4 Satisfied with himself, a very good mood, talkative.
5 Excited, angry, irritated over trifles, with waves of heat.
6 - () Sense of prostration, weakness that makes him shudder, and can not hold or grab things safely. Tired, anxious trembling.
Weakness of all organisms on the floor, bladder (jet weak and slow), rectum (difficult evacuation of feces, or reverse).
7 - () Dolores as dislocated or sprained, twitching, tearing, stitching,
burning, in jerks.
8 - () flushes or flashes of heat throughout the body, especially in the face,
with frontal sweat.
9 - () Worst: Morning and evening, after eating and drinking; ascending;
after bedtime. Better: open air and movement.
10 - () Sensitivity to cold air, takes cold easily.
11 - () Frequency: every 2 to 4 weeks.
12 - () general Anxious feeling, as if to stop the blood in the arteries, with waves of heat.
13 - () Headache with dilated temporal arteries, better by motion and outdoors. Confusion and heaviness, worse after eating, the better the open air with waves of blood. Vertigo as if they were turning, better outdoors. Throbbing in the head with red face cyanotic better climbing.
Hair loss, it hurts to brush. Sensation of something cold in the head.
Heat Sale 14 eyes, burning and pressure, and sees black spots. As if the eyes were too large. Violent pressure in the orbits. Foreign body sensation in the conjunctiva. Excessive tears from her eyes wide use, can not do fine work. Eyelids agglutinated. Objects seem to swim.
See sparks of fire, zigzags, bifurcated bodies, staining gray clouds, veils.
Heat in 15 ears that itch. Stitches in the Eustachian tubes or eardrum, better putting your finger in the ear. All series of noises with transient deafness.
16 blue nose, visible veins. Epistaxis with menstrual suppression.
Frequent sneezing. Nasal catarrh with hoarseness. Anosmia with nasal obstruction.
17 - () Face yellowish, sallow, red and hot, changes color. Pain in the right cheekbone, with cobweb sensation there (it tends to rub in or take something). Clenched jaw sleeping, grinding teeth.
You drop 18 teeth, gums swollen and painful. Toothache worse from heat or cold.
19 Language white with offensive breath. Drooling, spitting often. Dry mouth with thirst. Mucus adhering to teeth. Everything has salty taste.
Consistently 20 mucus starts throat phlegm.
21 - () greatly increased thirst and appetite. Frequent burping or food with bitter taste. Hiccups and yawns at the same time, worse after eating and drinking.
Burning with very acid eructation. Nausea, with salivation and tremors.
Gastric emptying followed by ravenous. Pressure and heaviness after eating, distention.
22 - () Stitches and pressure on hypochondria and navel. Burning pain in the spleen. Sensation of a tight ring around the abdomen, especially in deep inspiration. Stitches that go from the sacrum, the pelvis, the pubis and English. Flatulent colic.
23 - () Burning and rectal pressure; prolapse. Pain in the rectum and anus, spread to the penis. Piles with moisture and heat, sometimes prevent him from walking. Discharge of blood drops or jet, walking. Stool mucosanguinolentas anal itching and burning, or white. Stool dark green or greenish, sometimes out load billiards. Mucous diarrhea. Constipation for several days, difficult, hard pieces; peristalsis seems to cease near the rectum, and sometimes feces recede.
24 - () Pollakiuria with copious watery urine. The urine comes out weak, slow jet, using abdominal muscles. Sediment sometimes brick red, or thick mucus, or small blood clots. Tine urine dark yellow clothing.
25 Testicles swollen, pressing pain. Itching and sweating increased in the genitals.
26 Download of postmenstrual black clots, then copious flow.
27 - () sensations of pain, tingling, scaling and laryngeal. Hoarse, raspy voice. Dyspnea climbing stairs or for carrying a normal load. Weakness in the chest by writing better walking. Heaviness, fullness, oppression, anxiety. Tightness in the bottom of the thorax; has to breathe deeply. Stitches in the chest.
28 - () chest pain, stitches, twitching. Tension and contraction chest.
Chest pressure and burning with boiling hot flushes.
Abrupt momentary jolt, with stitches, must be stopped while walking.
29 Drawing pain in neck and shoulder blade. Stiffness, pressure, heat, burning or scalofrio back.
30 - () Cracking joints. Trembling in the limbs. Flexing and extending the limbs, yawning. Members go to sleep, with stiffness. Heaviness of arms after writing and numbness in the fingertips.
Varicose veins in lower limbs.
Constante 31 drowsiness and yawning, worse after eating. Frightening dreams or do not remember.
32 - () Suda easily, and sweat stains linen yellow.
33 spots and red stripes on the skin, burning like fire. Itching.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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