Casa Pareja. Olive Oil from organic cultivation

Family Tradition
Since the late nineteenth century farm family cultivates Molina CASA PAREJA, and virgin olive oil produced in their crops.

Today the fifth generation is in charge of the company, directing their march towards sustainable agriculture.

The exploitation
The couple are holding House in Jumilla, south east of Spain, 400 meters above sea level, with low rainfall and high sunshine.

Are 350 hectares dedicated to organic cultivation of olive trees, wild olives, vines and cereals and traditional cultivation of almond trees, fruit trees and vine nursery.

The varieties grown are tradicionaels "Cuquillo" and "cornicabra", renewing and completing the plantations with the variety Arbequina. There is also experimental plots of the variety picual "and" hojiblanca "among others.

The current production is around 35,000 liters of oil.

Comprehensive project on sustainable agriculture
At CASA couples develop a comprehensive project of sustainable agriculture practices environmentally friendly building products and much of the crop as the oil extraction process (alpeorujo).

Thus, composted yard trimmings and manure alpeorujo with livestock for humus into the soil to fertilize it, using the bones of the olives as fuel and are even experiencing the Soap-making based on olive oil.

The mill
The old mill have moved to the farm rehabilitating a haystack of the eighteenth century. In the modern philosophy of oil extraction remains faithful to the tradition:
- Growing pains for healthy olives.
- Picking carefully and in the optimum time of maturity.
- Pressing a day of fresh olives.
- Cold extraction.
- Settling natural oil, without force filtering.
- Storage in a warehouse clean, quiet, without changes in temperature.

Olive Oil
The result set is a natural oil, raw, ripe olive juice freshly caught the tree with a golden green color, with intense olive flavor ripe apple nuances and a touch vegetal. Smooth on the palate with elegant spice.

The premium and its acidity, about 0.4 or the result of a careful elaboration.

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