Castoreum. Homeopathy

(Secretion of the preputial sac Castor)
Feeling mentally or pathogenesis CASTOREUM
1 - () Moody and taciturn, not talk, very sensitive to every impression. One of the main drugs of hysteria.
2 Nervous, apprehensive and sad during menstruation. Great sadness and excessive sensitivity, crying easily.
3 Irritable morning, happy evening.
4 speaks angrily in a dream; asleep crying.
5 - () Especially useful in nervous women, with cramps, pain,
debility after severe illness with debilitating sweats and great prostration; belly aching. Hysterical people with nervous breakdowns,
when the aura of the womb.
6 - () prostration marked feels exhausted; heaviness throughout the body.
Lack of reaction.
7 - () Dolores better by pressure.
8 - () Worse: during menstruation, lying on his back or on the right side and in hot weather. Better: lying left side, by pressure and by bending.
9 Headache with instability and collapse, it makes the head very sensitive to
touch. Vertex headache, throbbing, worse from touch and external pressure.
Fullness and heaviness in the head.
10 Push in the staring eyes a distant object. Tearing night;
eyelids glued. Photophobia. He sees stars, clouds, or veils.
11 Humming, gurgling, the better to shake off the ear with a finger introduced.
Nasal Obstruction 12. Mucus watery, acrid, corrosive.
13 Toothache eating, caused by cold, worse when touched. Gums swollen at night.
14 - () fetid breath. Tongue swollen. Tumor in the center of the tongue, like a pea very sensitive to touch or food, feeling as if a thread pull the center of the tongue to the hyoid bone, with burning.
Burning in the throat 15. Dryness in the esophagus.
16 - () Be hot, eager, after lunch. Sour or acid regurgitation. Nausea, vomiting, bitter, nauseous after urination. Ae feeling that numbs the stomach; of contraction and ulcerative pain in the epigastrium.
17 - () Pressure from within outwards in the liver. Colicos nervous, suddenly appearing after emotions, paleness, cold sweats, sudden loss of power, cold feet and intestines. Distended abdomen with flatulence. Flatulent colic after eating. Colic with red face and yawns in intestinal disorders, better local heat, pressure and bending. Ulcerated umbilical hernia, the baby cries and cries. Violent noises and movements in the womb. Cutting pain in the navel.
18 - () Diarrhea urgent, with shivering, yawning and anal burning, preceded by noise and stomach pains. Summer Diarrhea. Diarrhea during menstruation. Mucosanguinolentas stools, greenish mucous whitish
watery; with pus. Anal burning during and after stool.
19 Pollakiuria with burning thirst.
20 ejaculations with high excitability.
21 - () Menstruation in drops. Menstrual cramps, with pallor and cold sweats.
Flow burning, watery or thick. Amenorrhea with pain in the belly bloat. Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.
22 - () Hoarseness tending to clarify the voice. Dyspnea worse lying on his back or on the right side, better lying on left side.
Chronic bronchitis. Stitches in the chest and hot like fire. Breathing deeply, retrosternal feeling of something heavy and constricting pains.
23 excoriating pain in sacrum and back, twitching in the neck.
24 - () spasms in feet and hands. Hot hands with swollen veins.
Weakness in the legs. Shocks in small groups of muscle fibers. Cramps. Korea. Epilepsy.
25 restless sleep with anxious agitation and starts with fright. Shaking sleep. Shouts of anger sleeping. Anxious dreams. Constant yawning.
26 - () Dominance of cold and chills. Fits of shivering with cold ice cream on the back. After exhausting sweats fever.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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