Cause of the disease and its treatments. Consequences

How it causes disease
To understand how the disease occurs from the point of view of Natural Medicine, Homotoxicology and Hygiene, we have made some schemes that allow to easily visualize the definition of health and disease, which in the last post stated, and the results that may arise in different types of body treatments.

Figure 1
The rectangles represent the person.

The horizontal red line represents the threshold of tolerance of toxins from the body without causing symptoms or diseases. That is, each person has a tolerance of toxins that may accumulate. These may come as referenced in the definitions of health or illness of the internal (endogenous toxemia) or outside (exogenous toxemia).

We could compare to this line as a thermostat of a refrigerator that jumps when it has reached the limit permitted temperature. If we set at 5 º C when the temperature inside the refrigerator exceeds that level jumps to return the thermostat to cool food to the temperature specified.

The horizontal black line corresponds to the level of toxins that accumulate over time and when they exceed the tolerance threshold cause symptoms or diseases according to the hygiene, etc..

Continuing the previous example would be the same as the temperature inside the refrigerator.

The vertical black lines correspond to the amount of accumulated toxins in the body.

Figure 2

In this chart we note the different causes of accumulation of toxins in the body.

In the rectangle on the left see that the lower tolerance threshold greater vitality and resilience to take the body of toxins. As the threshold is too low, the lower accumulation of toxins, or disease symptoms occur warn that we have gone beyond the tolerance threshold that the agency is willing to tolerate and therefore is making an effort to remove and re - the state of functional normality. This chart type is that of children in general and people with great vitality. Equivalent to acute diseases and cleansing.

That is if we lowered the refrigerator thermostat to 2 degrees Celsius it will be running longer trying to drop the temperature at the place fixed. The food is very well preserved, ie good health.

Have you noticed how many more children have reactions and symptoms as adults? Always being debugged (I speak in general terms).

In the middle rectangle observe the condition of adults. Over time, increases the tolerance threshold, low vitality (ie the threshold rises), the toxins accumulate producing various types of diseases, which if not try to know the right way will lead to chronic state.

That is the refrigerator thermostat we have risen to a higher temperature (8 º C). Considering the temperature, sure that now the refrigerator is running less time (less cleansing reactions or acute illness), with the danger of food to spoil more easily (more toxins in the body).

In the rectangle on the right we see the condition of old age or chronic illness. There is a deficit of vitality and accumulation of toxins over the years. The incorrect treatment of acute illnesses can accelerate this process making it chronic and degenerative soon.

In this case we have gotten so cold the thermostat that almost does not work, the food will spoil. In the body it is the same, there is so little capacity to react or vitality and many accumulated toxins that the body is saturated coming to an end. We live and die poisoned poisoned.

In the next post will explain other graphics that will teach us how different ways can treat acute illness and the consequences of such treatments.

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