Causes of cystitis in women

Causes of cystitis in women

Urinary tract infections are one of every ten visits to primary care physician and nearly a third of the urologist. 90% of the lower urinary tract infections or cystitis are caused by the bacterium Escherichia coli, which usually inhabit the intestinal tract but who for various reasons can colonize the urinary tract.

The possibility of being female cystitis is much higher than that of men and an estimated one in two have had cystitis at some point in their lives.
Why are women more prone to cystitis than men?

* One reason is due to anatomical factors as the size of the urethra is lower in women than in men and bacteria easier access to the urinary tract.
* Another reason is genetics, hygiene and climate change.
* But also influence:
Failure to urinate or have sex after
or hormonal changes occurring during menopause
or not completely empty the bladder during urination
o The use of contraceptives such as diaphragms and spermicides.
or have taken antibiotics before suddenly
or diabetes
Having problems or urinary incontinence.

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