Causes of varicose veins. Its development

Definition of varices
Permanent dilation of superficial or deep vein, varicose vein, phlebectasia. The varicose vein is characterized by dilation, elongation and tortuosity.

Factors contributing to varicose veins
There are several factors that can trigger the appearance of varicose veins, among them we can mention:
- The professions that required a prolonged stay standing.
- Hernias.
- Visceral ptosis.
- Flat feet.
- Pregnancy.
- Constipation.

Causes and development of varicose veins

Varicose veins are due to circulatory disorders that occur as a result of the circulation of the deep leg veins (which carry 80 to 90% of the blood supply to the feet) is difficult due to inflammation, existence of a communicating insufficient, or the development of thrombosis and pasting it remains a dangerous complication of thrombosis may spread rapidly.

The trigger primitive condition of varicose veins is the existence of a genral insufficient communicating between deep and superficial veins of the leg. Because of this caller insufficient blood reflux occurs on the deep pressure is transmitted to the superficial system, causing the superficial veins in venous hypertension causes dilation of blood vessels. This dilation of the vein wall causes a failure of the valves that regulate blood flow, and thus be separated cause varicose ditalación that extends to the side.

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