Causticum. Homeopathy

CAUSTICUM (C. Hahnemann - Kalium Causticum)

1 - () is full of fears: to die in the evening, at dusk and at night, especially alone; to noise (worse at night and the street) to the dark ghosts and when this by going to bed, I closed my eyes, in the crowd to eat, to the misfortune to basements, to people, to strangers. The child does not want to go to sleep and less in the dark. There is also fear of animals, especially dogs, and is always anticipating some event that causes fear.

2 - () is usually an individual melancholic, sad, moody, unhappy, sees the dark side of things, hopeless, especially at night and before or during menstruation. This sad day and night and cries very easily, can not hold back the tears, even over trifles; sleeping or during and after a seizure, with anxiety. "The least thing to do mourn, child" (Allen).
Coward. Shy.

3 - () shows an intense sympathy, and pity for the suffering of others, though not known, and come to mourn.

4 - () Disorders of emotional origin: in sorrow and long prison sentences, for the death of a child or parents or friends, for sudden emotions, worries, from fright (easily frightened), for fear of excessive joy, for think about their discomfort, by anger or vexation; by unrequited love, for nostalgia, for anticipation, for rashes or hemorrhoids removed.

5 - () you anxious in the morning on waking, evening and night in bed, afraid. Feelings of guilt. Anxiety appears sharper or after dinner, or when it's futile efforts to move the womb or after, to sleep. Anxiety and anticipation for the future. Anxious concern, in the evening and night, that makes tossing and turning in bed.

6 - is prone to censure, criticize, is proud, is to contradict, is suspicious, suspicious and easily offended. Argumentative, quarrelsome, peevish, irritable reaches its maximum before menses. Dictatorial.

7 - () In a hurry to eat.

8 - () Intellectually has problems: it concentrates heavily, such as absent, efforts will cause mental confusion, this dazed and forgetful before the onset of an epileptic seizure. Unconscious after an emotion or effort or sitting. It is very observant, distracted,
neglected, and his memory is poor. Imbecility.

9 It is hypersensitive to noise, which, besides giving fear, startle.
Other symptoms l0 Go horrible ghosts or visions on closing eyes Laughs before, during or after seizures ideas that haunt him. Aphasia insults.

11 - () This worse when the weather is dry, clear and clean, cold or dry or cold air, and this better in wet weather.

12 - () is perhaps the main remedy for paralysis, especially if they appear gradually, and with cold in the parlizada. Paralysis, in general, is on one side, especialmeizte of law, or body parts.

13 - () Epileptic convulsions, with an aura that leaves the solar plexus, palsy or paralysis followed, appear or are intensified especially sleeping and before menstruation (or during), at puberty, during the full moon or new, for softening of the brain, by taking cold, from fright;
suppressed eruptions; the evening and night, with cold body, with or without consciousness in children, in the postpartum period. Generally they are to fall, or run in a circle to the right.

14 - () The pain is like a feeling of being raw, or soreness or injury in different organs (Allen).

15 - () Korea rheumatic or displayed by fright, by imitation, for fear thinking about the illness, during pregnancy or suppressed eruptions, and is aggravated by dry weather, worse right side. Internal trembling in affected parts, to get up from sitting. Long stretches at night.

16 - () Burns, especially so in conditions that come from a burn or if it were never well since.

17 - () Patients who get better for awhile, and then remain stationary (Allen).

18 - () Worse: the open (he dislikes), by air currents, by cold or by extremes of temperature changes of time or temperature from getting wet, in the twilight by tight clothing ( not allowed); after dinner, for coffee, before or during menstruation, when walking, especially outdoors or fast on awakening. Better: heat of the bed (especially in the rheumatic pains), to loosen clothing, for cold drinks.
Burning pain in 19 sites with hand grips.

20 Other general symptoms: Fainting by excitement or strain
Hot flashes followed by chills Lack of vital heat painful varicose veins, varicose veins.

Desire and aversion of CAUSTICUM
21 - () I want meat and smoked foods, salted, beer, cold drinks.

22 - () Aversion to sweets (and make you sick).

23 - () Vertigo: before epilepsy; a tendency to fall forward, back or sides, with headache, or staring upwards, lying, during menstruation, with nausea, on rising, sitting, standing or stooping; better outdoors. Headache: with nausea; by air or cold weather, sitting or shake the street, so go blind, rheumatic. Paroxysmal Tearing in the occipital region, extending upwards and forwards.
Sensation of emptiness in the forehead. Cephalic constriction. Eruptions: in the neck, scabs, eczema (worst occipital); impetigo.

24 - () Great heaviness of the eyelids, with difficulty in opening the eyes, which is close involuntarily. Paralysis of the upper eyelids, muscles of the eyeball, the rectus; from cold. Pain in eyes as if sand or from a foreign body; stitches; worse
touch. Photophobia from 18 to 20 hours. Vision cloudy, cloudy. Rising eyes glued. Falls. Diplopia. BLINK. Floaters.

25 - () eruptions behind the ears: wet, cold. Cerumen greatly increased.
Catarrh of the Eustachian tube. Secretions of the ear, offensive, bloody or purulent. Red ears, itching, burning. Otitis media.
Earache: bursting with feeling, pressing, outward, or behind the ear points, behind the ear, tearing. Sensation of plugged ear.
Noises in the ears, with vertigo, ringing, squeaking, rustling, ringing, roaring, singing, like clicks, to turn his head, jingling; whistles. Each sound, or voice, echo in their ears, with hearing loss.
Hearing loss by auditory nerve palsy, deafness.

26 - () Inflammation and itching at the tip of the nose, fins and inside. Nasal obstruction. Sneezing in morning. Runny nose: bloody, burning, excoriating, thick. Epistaxis of tomorrow. Heaviness in the nose. Burning pains. Acne, acne rosacea, scabs (especially at the tip) and pimples on the nose.

27 - () Face: yellow; cyanotic (during coughing), pale red.
Sickly expression. Chills in the face. Rash: acne (more on the forehead), acne rosacea, eczema, pimples, pustules, rashes, burning, scaly, itchy. Itching and facial numbness, but the affected side. Cracks in the lips and angles of the mouth. Facial pain: rheumatism, by exposure to cold; on one side, with paralysis, in stormy weather, cold wind and dry from cold better local and rubbing. Pain mandiculbas; in the temporomandibular jaw joint when opening the mouth on the cheek. Stitches in the face during the chills. maroxistico tearing, burning, twitching. Facial paralysis, exposure to cold air or wind or after getting wet; on one side. Stiffness in the jaw,
with tension on the skin. Facial spasm. Lockjaw. Sardonic laugh. Jerks.
Warts on the face. Swelling of lower lip. Cancer of lips sores.

28 - () abscesses in the mouth, often repeated. He bites his tongue.
Palate eye. Tongue white on the edges and with a red stripe in the center.
Vesicles: painful, at the tip of the tongue. Induration on the inside of the cheeks. Cancer of the tongue. Dry mouth at night, tongue dry. Foaming mouth (during seizures). Foul breath. Pain in the Mouth: burning, raw, burning sensation of tongue. Paralysis of the tongue.
It speaks for paralysis of the organs. Tratamudez; by vexatious. He speaks with difficulty in chorea. Salivation after dinner. Taste: bitter, oily, putrid; acid.

29 - () Sensation of elongation of the teeth. The teeth become loose and painful, the creaking, convulsions or sleeping. Toothache by cold air or vacuuming, eating, chewing, better by cold water, throbbing, twitching in shock, pressing (as if a piece of meat or a cork between the teeth); in stitches or tearing; extended to the eyes, nose and zygoma. Gums bleed and swell. Gingival Fistula.

30 - () Trends ineffective hawk tomorrow (Kali.B.), with mucus in the throat, tough, adherent, thick, white, to be swallowed.
Difficulty swallowing. Constant tendency to swallow thick mucus, better eating, with pain and tension in the suprasternal notch. Her throat was dry and choked. Burning pain or rawness in the throat with a feeling of tightness. Paralysis of the pharynx, the esophagus, post-diphtheritic.
Swollen throat feeling. Stiffness and tension on the right side of the neck. Torticollis. No bear clothing in the neck. Goiter. Pain in the suprasternal notch as having a foreign body.

31 - () feeling that it is putting out lime (quicklime or have) in the stomach. Bread disordered stomach and causes a pressing pain, disorders acids, fats or fresh meat. Distension after eating.
Belching: in the evening, for coffee, after dinner, for fat; incomplete; painful, for sweets; acres (evening); warmly almonds in a vacuum; regurgitation; warmly food, acids (from fats or flour) . Nausea: after dinner, for coffee, for mucus in the throat during headache; after stool; better burping. Gastralgias: to breathe deeply, after eating, to move, during menses, sitting, better by stretching backward, cold drinks and lying; cramps pressing pains (worse for the pan). Increased or decreased appetite or excessive is going to see food. Early satiety, fullness, worse bread.
Can not bear tight clothing in pit; feel anxiety. Extreme thirst.
Gastric ulcer. Vomiting: acids, aqueous; blood.

32 - () cramps in the womb of morning, before and during menstruation; better folded. Stitches in the right upper quadrant and flank. Stomach pains: should bend (Coloc.), makes it better, before and during denstruacion, better local heat. Rumbling. Can not bear tight clothing around the waist. Distention. Ascites. Flatulence.

33 - () Constipation with hard stool and ineffectual efforts; can move more easily when standing alone. Anal excoriation it needs to be scratching the anus raw, to itching, then moisture is anal. Anal condylomas. Pain in the anus and rectum, while walking. Dolores:
burning after stool, cutting, pressing. Excoriation from walking between the buttocks. Pain in the perineum, anal pain when sitting;
stitches. Hemorrhoids large, congested, hard, worse when touched or walk or think about them. Involuntarily soiling; flatus. Noisy flatus, offensive. Stools: greasy, bloody, hard, knotty, white.

34 - () sensation of fullness in the bladder without urination, inactivity bladder Vejic weak. Paralysis of the bladder, forced retention of urine, contain too much or by overdistention, after labor has no desire to urinate, resulting in painful retention. Lack of desire to urinate, even with a distended bladder, or desires are ineffective and have to wait, or should make efforts for a long time until the urine flow starts, and even then the urination is unsatisfactory. Retention of urine: by taking cold, in children, in newborns. There involuntary leakage of urine retention. It involuntarianiente urine day and night, or at night in bed, especially in the first dream, and also to blow your nose, coughing, laughing, sneezing, by taking cold, sitting (with retention standing), and during seizures. The urethra is as insensitive, asleep, while urine. It hurts and burns the urethra during urination.

35 - () Itching in the urethral meatus, penis, prepuce and scrotum. Smegma increased. Erections: Night; absent (impotence). Vesicles on the penis and foreskin. Pain in the testicles especially on the right: at noon, pressing, stitching, aching between her thighs.

36 - () Lack of orgasms in women, decreased sexual desire, aversion to intercourse. Excoriation in the perineum. Pruritus vulvae: Flow, during menstruation. The first menstruation or is slow to appear before the appropriate age. Menstruation occurs only during the day, stopping at bedtime, then flow appearing at night. Menses: excoriating, copious, frequent, coagulated, bright red, offensive, painful, delayed, scanty, suppressed, amenorrhea. Flow: Night; acre
copious, stringy, transparent. Uterine pain before and during menstruation, burning, like labor. Labor pains: spasmodic; irregtilares: weak; cease. Sterility.

37 - () raw pain in the larynx and trachea, as in a line down, worse when coughing. Pressing pain on blowing, coughing, burning. It clarifies the larynx of morning and evening. Laryngeal irritation. Mucus in the airways. Laryngeal paralysis. Hoarseness: Morning and evening, during the coryza and abuse of the voice, for talking too much (can not speak). Voice: hollow, rough, weak. Sudden aphonia from paralysis, in Pantano. Larynx sensitive to touch. Constant cough, hoarse, hollow, haunting, violent, disturbed him very much and exhausts, cold air produced by or for bathing, and improvement in a very clear by drinking cold drinks, aggravated, however, to keep warm in bed or lying down or leaning aclelante or talking; by tickling and laryngeal irritation. Pertussis. Difficult expectoration, mucous, stringy, they must swallow, taste greasy. Dyspnea: the inspiration, with cough; at expiration, after speaking or walking fast. Desire to breathe deeply. Chest tightness after bowel movements. Feeling like you can not strong enough cough to expectorate. Pain in the chest: coughing and deep breath, as if it were raw,
especially behind the sternum when coughing. Feel stitches in sternum when breathing deeply, to lift anything heavy or strain. Can not bear tight clothing in the chest; has feeling of constriction, spasmodic, worse when breathing deeply. The nipples are cracked, excoriated and sore. Herpes nipples. The milk is suppressed, absent, or disappearing. Fistulas in the breast, itching.

38 points in the precordial region. Chest tightness. Palpitations anxiety. Tachycardia in the evening.

39 - () back pain during menstruation, when moving, walking, sitting and rising from sitting, especially in the lumbar region.
Painful stiffness in the back, worse when rising from a chair, cervical sacred. Neck pain; in coccyx when rising from a chair. Drawing pain in cosis; stitches in the back, shoulder blades, lower back and coccyx. Itching on the back.

40 - () contractions or tension in flexion of the muscles and tendons in the limbs; of the tendons of his arms, in the crook of the elbow to extend the arm on the forearms, hands and fingers in the lower limbs in adductors of the thighs, in the popliteal; in calves. Stiffness in limbs and joints, worse during the chills, on the knees (to start moving) and ankles. Cramps in soles and toes. Deforming rheumatism. Noises in the knees when descending stairs. Indurations in the tendons of the fingers. Arthritic nodules in the joints of the fingers. Pains in the limbs, rheumatic, relieved by warmth of bed and they are aggravated by air and from the slightest exertion or when starting to move, erratic. Joint pain, especially right upper limb. Pains in shoulders, elbows, fingers, hip, thighs and knees in the open air on the feet and soles, better by warmth of bed. Soreness in the thighs and legs in the morning in bed, and between the thighs. Sciatica.
Paralysis in the limbs, of gradual onset, from getting wet. Right hemiplegia; postaplopejica; post-diphtheritic. Paralysis in the upper limbs, hands, especially on the right, feeling paralyzed hand, in the fingers (extensor muscles). Trembling in the paralyzed parts, in the
forearm and hand when writing, shaking hands with pain. Weakness aaralitica; in the lower limbs. Poisoning. Torpor in the lower limbs, unsteady gait, stumble when walking. The child learns too late to walk, his gait is halting and falls easily. Marbled color in the lower limbs, especially in the thighs and legs. Feet thinned, especially in children. Itching in the limbs, especially legs, calves and back of the feet. Tingling in soles. Excoriation between her thighs. Unrest in the members in the evening and night, during sleep, in the upper limbs, sleeping, in the lower limbs in bed at night, in the legs on the morning in bed and night and sleeping. Constant movement of members sleeping. Sensation of swollen hands when grasping something.
Eruptions on the members, especially vesicles and blisters. Warts on the hands, the fingertips and close to some; corneas.

41 deep sleep after the seizures. Falling asleep talking. Restless sleep. Drowsiness. Insomnia; heat, with drowsiness. He wakes up: at 2 or later, or often or later. Yawning.

42 - () Chills on one side, but the left, especially at midnight, relieved in bed, drinking and a warm habitacio. Fever> drinking cold aguia. Prolonged sweating, profuse walking outdoors, after a bowel movement, after dinner, by motion;
sleeping, sour smell. After the escalolofrio sweats without fever between. Sweating in isolated locations. Symptoms are worse while perspiring.

43 - () skin burns, rashes erupt there after jabs and scratching.
Itching: burning, worse from scratching. Swelling of the skin with punctures.
Unhealthy skin. Eruptions: blistering, burning, itching (worse by heat); suppressed. Urticaria, vesicles. Sarna. Tubers. Eczema. Lupus. One of the major drugs of warts, with Thuya, Dulcamara and Nitric Acidum, especially in the hands and face: bleeding, stalked, flat;
hard; corneas, large, wet, old, sensitive to touch, small, ragged, suppurating. Excrescences. Ulcers: burning, fistulous; phagadenic; festering with corrosive secretion, gray, watery. Varicose ulcers. Gangrene. Goosebumps. Intertrigo. Scars that open.

Caro Veget. Petroselinum. In children take into account the similarity with Lycopodium.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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