Ceanothus americanus. Homeopathy

Ceanothus americanus
(New Jersey Tea)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Ceanothus americanus
1 Depressed, fear of being unable to work.
2 Great nervous excitement, with chills and anorexia; feel shaken nerves, can not hold the cutlery when eating.
3 Indifferent; can not work.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Ceanothus americanus
4 - () Leukemia: the use of this drug, at low powers or,
better yet, in dyeing, and for a long time, has been followed very often extremely encouraging results and long remissions, of years of muracion. Anemia with impaired liver and spleen.
5 - () Chilly; constant pooches, you need to be near the fire, afraid of
cold. This worse with the cold damp.
6 - () Worse: motion; lying on left side in wet weather. Best: in hot weather.
Laterality 7 left.
8 Big weakness walking or standing; aversion or move.
9 Thinning

Desire and aversion of Ceanothus americanus
10 Desire for acids,
SPECIFIC Ceanothus americanus
11 Sense of the brain is very large. The head seems to move with each heartbeat. Frontal headache, better in bed. Right sided headache, pain in the spleen.
12 Feel the eyes too big, swollen eyelids, corneal sensation dry orbital pain.
13 Feel the cheeks and ears warm, with cold fingers.
Thrush 14. Dry mouth. The food has no taste, even the very seasoned.
15 Throat dry, with feeling of being in the flesh to swallow.
16 No appetite. Thirsty but the water was altered.
17 - () The central action of Ceanothus is the spleen. Deep pain, sometimes sharp or stabbing in the spleen, left upper quadrant, with a feeling of fullness, worse on motion, can not lie on the left side.
Pain around the left side, with dyspnea. Hipertroia huge spleen.
Splenitis acute and chronic. Pain in the liver, worse lying on the right side, extended to the back, feeling of fullness. The whole belly moves with the heartbeat. Bearing down sensation, worse after eating.
Diarrhea 18. Tearing down the straight. Stool brown with noisy flatus.
19 Pain in the bladder before urination. After urination feels as if he had come all the urine. Urine green with bile, frothy, strong-smelling, alkaline phosphate increased, with high specific gravity; with glucose. Constant urge to urinate.
20 internal pain in the chest and substernal, worse on deep inspiration. Constriction in the chest. Chronic bronchitis with great expectoration. Violent dyspnoea.
21 Palpitations and dyspnea, with enlargement of the spleen. Visible heartbeat, pulse full and strong. Chest feels too small for his heart.
22 throbbing carotids very visible. Pain under right shoulder blade.
Chills running down the back. Pain that moves.
23 Pain in forearms and fingers. Knees weak, must lie. Pain in the front of the thighs. Tremors in the limbs.
24 Insomnia. Sounds with thieves and snakes.
Frequent Chills 25. Malaria with splenomegaly. Chills up and down the back.
COMPLEMENTARY Ceanothus americanus:
Natrum Muriaticum.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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