Cedron. Homeopathy

(Simaruba Cedron)
1 - () Restlessness, excitability, followed by depression. Excited by
2 Fear of going to bed.
3 - () Its great feature is the infallible and accurate time schedule in which reappear their symptoms, especially neuralgia, pain in general,
intermittent fever, cough, and chills.
4 - () worse during menstruation: sunken eyes, pale face, lips cyanotic, toothache, bleeding gums, stutters or speaks with difficulty,
dry mouth and tongue tingling sensation in paralyzed tongue, thirst, and sometimes convulsions, epilepsy.
5 - () According to many authors, is a welcome antidote action of poisonous snake bites, chewing the seeds or fruit. Insect stings.
6 - () Worse after intercourse: dyspnea, chorea (in women), neuralgia,
headaches, stuttering.
7 - () Adapted for the voluptuous disposition and temperament excitable, nervous, especially women. Useful especially in tropical countries, hot, humid, swampy.
8 - () Worse after sleep at night, in bad weather before the storms, lying, outdoors. Best: Stand erect.
9 General weakness, faintness, fainting. Earthquakes. Numbness of the whole body. Bloated feeling.
10 - () Sensation of swollen head. Periodic headaches. Daily headache,
always at the same time, especially at noon. Headache of a temple to the other, through the eyes. Headache on alternate days, at 11 hours. Migraines every other day, within 10 hours. Headache worse at night and outdoors. Headache dobre eyes after intercourse.
11 - () Severe pain, like a blow on the left eye or a twitch
pain after intercourse. Severe pain in the eyeball, which goes into the nose. Periodic supraorbital neuralgia, severe pain extended into the head, more to the left, always at the same time, with watering. Iritis. Choroiditis. Tearing burning. The objects are red and yellow day night. Vision cloudy. See flashes of light. Sunken eyes during menstruation.
12 - () Ringing in the ears. Hearing loss at night. One of the best medicines at the buzzing in the ears by quinine.
13 - () Tip of nose cold, cold nose. Copious nasal secretion.
14 - () Heat facial alternating with chills. Facial neuralgia (or trigeminal), more to the right of 19 to 20 hours, paroxysmal, periodic, intermittent, more in women. Face pale and cyanotic lips, cold and dry during menstruation. Spasmodic distortion of facial muscles.
15 - () Toothache every night, during menses, bleeding gums. As you inhale, it seems as if cold air touched her teeth.
16 - () during menstruation, pecking on the tongue, dry mouth and tongue, fetid breath, with warmth, speaking with difficulty speaking feeling paralyzed. Sialorrhea after menstruation. Stuttering after intercourse (in women). Cold breath.
17 burning and constriction in the throat, difficulty swallowing. Itching and tingling. Pain at the point where the root of the tongue. Enlarged tonsils.
18 - () Great thirst during menstruation. No appetite. Sensation of stone in the stomach. Nausea with distended stomach.
19 Abdomen hard and distended. Flatulence, colic, rumbling. Stitches in liver and spleen.
20 Wish ineffective stool. Gets dirty (in Korea).
21 kidney pain. Burning in the ureter and urethra. Sensation of a drop in the urethra or dripping from it.
22 I wish with erections all night and waking. Urethral discharge as blennorrhagic.
23 - () instead of premenstrual flow of menstruation or after. Sexual excitement of tomorrow, with flow and swollen and painful breasts. Puerperal eclampsia.
24 - () painful constriction of the larynx, laryngitis. Dyspnea with intermittent hoarseness. Dyspnea after intercourse or sleeping, eating better. Asthma reappears regularly, daily, 10 to 12 hours, more erect. Cough every morning from 6 to 8 or 9 hours. Tightness in the chest.
25 Palpitations, irregular heartbeat. Pulse fast and full, and uncountable.
26 stiff neck, spinal pain. Sore back and neck tomorrow.
27 Pain in right deltoid. Cutting pain in the elbow. He slept the hand and forearm, and legs that feel enlarged. Joint pain lancinating. Cramps. Shocks in the tendons, in the Achilles. Extremities cold as ice. Sharp pain in his right thumb,
Extended arm and shoulder. Sharp pain in his right foot to the knee extended.
28 Sleep restless, wakes often. It sounds to social gatherings, with women, fights with friends and relatives already dead, and wakes up screaming.
Yawning stretches.
29 - () Chills at 4 hours, followed by sweating; to 15 hours, at 16, at 18, with complete and accurate schedule. Chills with congestion of the head and feet, hands and nose cream. Paroxysms of fever that occur regularly every day at the same time, starting with chills at 18
hours in the back and limbs, cold hands and feet. Thirst for hot drinks during the fever and chills. Malaria: daily or tertian, with marked regularity. Tropical fevers.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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