Cenchris contortrix. Homeopathy

Cenchris contortrix
(Copper head snake in the United States)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Cenchris contortrix
1 - () Anxiety, feels that is going to die suddenly; presentiment of impending death. Anxiety in bed or after midnight. Physical and mental restlessness.
2 - () Suspicious; think your husband is going to intern at a mental hospital, but is aware that is a fantasy. Jealous.
3 - () Time passes very slowly. Ailments from anticipation.
4 - () Sleepy, absent, lethargic. Memory loss. Wrong: it takes the wrong transport vehicle, or lowered after the place where he should.
5 - () alternate modes of being.
GENERAL OR SINSTOMAS Cenchris pathogenesis contortrix
6 - () Worse, lying on awakening, after noon, at dusk, all night, by pressure.
7 - () presents the main features of all snake venoms: comma, semi unconsciousness; cornea insensitive upper lip swollen, general swelling, paralysis, cold sweats and clammy.
8 - () can not tolerate tight clothing.
9 - () Sensation as if the whole body were enlarged to explode, but in the heart.
10 need to be lying with his head backward.
SPECIFIC Cenchris contortrix
11 Pain in the left front, extended to the teeth on that side, then to the front and right side teeth.
Swelling as 12 bags that hang over the eyes, below the brows.
Tearing cough. Blurred vision, itching and red edges of the eyelids.
13 nasal catarrh, scabs; obstruction.
14 Expression bloated, stupid. Face sallow; burning. Ojeras blue.
15 drinks with difficulty in a vacuum, but rather solid and liquid swallows,
especially hot. Accumulation of thick and adherent mucus in the throat.
16 Nausea ice better, worse drinking cold water, it does throw up. Thirst for small quantities of water (Ars.). Can not bear tight clothing in the womb.
17 - () Diarrhea that awakens the early morning, urgent, with stomach pains before, mushy or watery stools, gushing, frequent.
18 violent sexual desire in men.
19 - () increased sexual desire in women. Pain in right ovary.
Flow yellowish. Vulvar herpes. Menses copious, clear, with dark clots. He wakes with pulsation or throbbing vulva and anus, followed by dull pain in the sacrum, better walking.
20 - () The urine when coughing.
21 - () Sense of heart distended, as if filled the whole chest. It is strongly aware of his heart. Pain in the heart, spread to the back, pressing, aching. Precordial stitches. Sensation that the heart falls into the belly, weak pulse and heat. Precordial anxiety. Heart diseases.
22 - () constriction of the larynx sleeping. Dry, hard cough, from tickling, worse at 15 hours, it does piss. Feeling of choking, suffocation, with palpitations and feeling of death. Dyspnea sleeping, falling asleep and waking; better sitting leaning forward. Trembling sensation in the chest. Hemoptysis.
23 - () Pain under left shoulder blade.
24 - () Edema in the legs, ankles, feet.
25 Very vivid dreams, horrible, can not fail to remember, sometimes erotic.
26 Chills and fever beginning after noon.
27 ulcers of the skin in spring.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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