Centaurea TAGAN. Homeopathy

1 Nostalgia for your home.
2 Idiocy. Absent. Confused. Stupor.
3 - () Flushes of heat.
4 Worse, at night, in the morning on waking motion; while urinating and after. Improved: eating.
5 - () rapid prostration and marked. Malaise.
Headaches that 6 stuns; front, worse walking; occipital at the temples. Sunken eyes, blurred. Burning in eyelids and eyebrows. Eyelids heavy. Itching and tingling in the ears.
7 - () Sneezing, coryza; anemia. Face ashen, stupid expression. Red stripe in the middle of the tongue white stripe on the left side. Dry mouth that does not improve drinking, alternating with sialorrhea. Boca bitter morning. No taste.
Uvula and tonsils swollen, painful swallowing.
Appetite 8 alternating with nausea. Thirst before and during fever. Belching difficult. Nausea with cold sweats. Vomiting. Burning. Right upper quadrant pain. Colicos. Flatus. Burning in the hypogastric. Diarrhea in
morning awakening, yellow at night.
9 Bladder pain when moving or urinate. Burning in the urethra after urination. Nocturnal erections, or desires without erection. Vagina dry. Vulvar itching and heat. White discharge.
Cough from tickling 10 laryngeal, on awakening in the morning, dry night.
Pain in the right clavicle. Sense of cardiac dilatation, with anxiety.
Stabbing chest pain. Pulse slow; beats stronger in some than in other arteries.
11 - () Burning pain in left shoulder blade. Tendency to stretch the arms, which are very weak and sore, can barely lift them. Arm falls asleep on this bed. Feel very short extensors of the upper limb. You can not bend his thumb. Swollen veins in his hands.
Need to stretch your legs. He walks with difficulty paralytic weakness in the legs. Pain in hips and thighs when walking.
12 Drowsiness day and night, can not keep my eyes open. Dreams.
13 - () Cold, chills with shivering and general warmth. Ague. Profuse sweating, cold, worse at night.
14 Generalized itching that keeps you from sleeping.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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