Cereus bonplandii. Homeopathy

Cereus bonplandii
(A variety of Cactus grandiflorus)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR cereus pathogenesis bonplandii

1 - () You can rest easy. You need to be occupied, despite her fatigue,
into something useful, it needs to occupy their time. He feels he has committed an unforgivable act, he feels guilty and thinks that his absence should vindication with ceaseless activity. He feels that time passes very slowly.
or Irritable; tendency to insult and blaspheme.

3 Indifferent; you have trouble paying attention.

4 Trend to pray. Think that is under a powerful influence.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR cereus pathogenesis bonplandii
5 - () During the times of high activity, which fatigued and exhausted, yet he feels better standard of their sufferings.

6 - () Alternation of mental and physical symptoms.

7 Do not tolerate the touch of clothing, feels better to undress.

8 - () Pain extends to other parties, dominate the left side. Pressing pains worse at night.

9 - () Worse: at night, lying on the left side by the pressure. Better:

10 -Thinning.

SPECIFIC bonplandii cereus
11 feeling that the head is suspended from a support. Feel the pull back and head left. Sensation of a board strapped behind his head. Occipital pain worse walking or falling. Pain through the brain, from left to right. Profuse hair loss.

12 - () experiencing severe pain and eye orbits, worse on the right. Vision impaired yellow with orange spots round and symmetrical. Heavy eyes. Photophobia painful.

Pain 13 left mastoid, extending through the ear and head.

Sneezing 14. Secretion nasal mucosa, hard, greenish.

15 Pain in the right malar bone, extending to temple and occipital. Looks haggard.

16 Language red or purple. Sialorrhea. Foul breath.

17 Mucus in throat, green or clear.

18 Cutting pain in the left groin. Ineffectual urging to stool.
Copious urgent evacuation.

19 kidney pain, as from a calculation. Stitching pain in right ureter.
Dark, strong smelling.

20 Priapism in the presence of the opposite sex. Anesthesia in the genitals.

21 - () It clears the voice. Breathing deep, hard, before getting up.
Cough to remove their clothing. Deep breath at intervals, and oppression.
Intercostal neuralgia. The chest feels empty. Persistent pain in the cartilages of the false left ribs.

22 - () The heart is the primary site of action of Cereus. Cardiac symptoms are worse lying on left side. Smarting precordial
to back. Transfixiante pain, like an arrow through the left pectoralis major muscle and chest, can not breathe, and accompanied by a feeling of heaviness at the heart. Convulsive precordial pains to
sleep at night. Sensation of a large rock placed in the precordial region and immediately feels as if it would break there. Irritable heart.
Heart diseases. Corazon forced. Cardiac hypertrophy. Endocarditis.

23 Pain in the left side of the neck and clavicle, at night. 2olumna dorsal pain running up, worse stooping or bending the head forward. Dolores back to the arms. Vertebrae sensitive
touch. Pain in right shoulder blade. Itching under the shingles rash
left shoulder blade.

24 - () Pain in the arms, forearms and hands fall asleep. Pain in right hip and left knee. Itching in the right popliteal and left knee.

25 sounds with large assemblies and forgotten scenes, old dreams. Attacks yawning.

26 Fistulas, especially in the buttocks. Intolerable itching.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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