Cervus. Homeopathy

(Deer - Cervus Brasilicus [rawhide is used])
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Cervus
1 The parties are sleeping on this bed.
2 Sensitive to light, especially sunlight.
3 Face mottled.
4 - () You feel like a bread dough in the mouth. Coppery taste with heat in the throat.
5 navel pain while lying down. Intermittent pain, like needles in the right groin, in direction to the joint, after walking.
6 It sleeps the arm, hand or leg on this bed.
7 - () During the chills and fever: it is hard to think, this confused, sigh, this excited, irritable, restless and tearful.
8 - () with a tendency to melancholy mood sitting, completely rigid, calm, indifferent to everything pleasant; inconsolable complains involuntarily, such as absent, abstracted. Crying: in children (only improves carrying) and in infants, while in the chills and fever, during convulsions, cough and pain, while in the sweats, sleeping, the
defecate, with sobs.
9 - () are wrong in speaking and writing; omitted syllables and words.
10 Other mental disorders: Fear of wind back on past unpleasant facts wants to grab something Carphology.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Cervus
11 - () especially useful in children, newborns and disturbances produced in the period of dentition (convulsions, gastric upset, vomiting,
diarrhea, irritability, etc.)..
12 - () seizures, in children, after a fit of anger or child who breastfeeds during dentition, for any excitement or if the child is punished, in pregnancy and the postpartum period, to fall. Lonvulsivos movements.
13 - () The pains are aggravated by heat and flare of numbness;
the parties concerned to sleep. The pain may be accompanied by heat, thirst,
fainting and screaming, worse in the evening until before midnight.
14 - () Tachycardia and Blood orgasm after harassment or emotions.
15 - () Worse: Morning, at 9 am, evening, night and before midnight, by heat (except toothache), in the heat of the bed by air currents; tendency to take cold; after breakfast, for coffee;
2 - () The only thing which greatly improves the above picture and reassures him, is a ride in the arms or wander or hammocks (Rock your wish to be). The child asks to be carried in the arms, because it calms their anxiety, weeping. Sometimes
Still, I want to change arm that carries or wants to hold him and walk another person and then another and another. No peace.
3 - () In addition to being angry, often to extreme degrees, fits of anger him sick, which produced many symptoms, from seizures to diarrhea, metrorrhagia, abortions, jaundice, cough, dyspnea, chills, fever,
etc. Ailments: to feel contempt, from fright, of mortification.
4 - () There is an excessive, extremely sensitive, especially in children, and especially the pains, which are intolerable, especially in coffee drinkers and drug addicts: it becomes frantic screams, this restless, gets out of bed night, the confused, violent, impatient. It is also hypersensitive to music, noise and smells.
5 - () Excessive restlessness, anxiety, worse at night in bed, out of bed and forced him to take many turns in it, in children, during menstruation,
headaches and fever. Anxiety periodically, in paroxysms, and at night in bed;
after eating; hypochondriac. Feelings of guilt. General physical anxiety.
6 - () Sleeping: complains, starts, talk, scream, cry. The child cries to wake up. He hears voices at night.
Chronic diarrhea in 3 TB.
4 - () Tingling and twitching in the trachea on waking. Copious expectoration;
bloody. Frequent colds.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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