Chamomilla (Abridged). Homeopathy

CHAMOMILLA (Planta herbacea)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Chamomilla
1 .- pains, hyperesthesia to pain agitation, irritability. Toothache. Neuralgia with vasomotor in the field of neuralgia. Abdominal pain, cramps that are folded in two patients with diarrhea as green or scrambled eggs. Intolerable dysmenorrhea with irritability.

2 .- Foot of the Child following the departure of teeth with agitation, screaming, tantrums, pain.

3 .- Behavior Choleric, violent tantrums, aggressive drives. Tantrums can cause spasms, cramps or a resurgence of old algias.

Chamomilla general symptoms: irritable temperament, all senses are extremely impressionable, the most insignificant pain is not supported, inclination to feel aggravated, disgusted with great irritability and frequent exaggerations of feeling, and there are often complaints after disputes purine, jealousy and disappointment, unhealthy state after colds, pain with prostration even fainting. The pains occur most commonly at night and even under the heat of the bed, accompanied by thirst, burning and color especially on one cheek, hot sweat on the forehead and head, as also of great concern, continuous change of position, irritability, screaming, crying, great desire to be lying or being carried in the arms (in children), restless sleep at night with fears and bouts of anxiety. It is particularly well suited to the diseases of infants and others, women hysterical or too fond of coffee, which are pregnant, giving birth, who raise or are in critical times.

Chamomilla: Aggravation: the tantrum, in period of teething, from the 21 hours until midnight, with coffee, the heat.

Chamomilla: Amelioration: with passive motion (roll, ride in car)

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