Chamomilla. Homeopathy

Chamomilla (Matricaria Chamomilla)

1 - () The child (or adult) is extremely irritable, violent, especially when you ask questions or interrupt it, or if you speak (he dislikes to speak) or if you touch it (it has an aversion to being touched) and also if you look. Irritable during dentition, during fever; before and during menstruation, during pregnancy, during childbirth, when you sweat, with the pain. Patea and stiffens when held, cries (worse at night) hits.

The child is moody, stubborn, obstinate, nothing satisfied, always escontento, dissatisfied, wants something and you ask, but when they do, he throws it and hits something, wants something new all the time, "he does not know what you want, but if the physician knows is Chamomilla "(Nash). Answer wrong, rude, never respond in a civilized manner, loses all control, said that he is not sick, and take to the doctor (or sends him to his house) or the nurse or mother or caregiver of his residence, wants be alone. In sum, it is intolerant and intolerable, not tolerate anything or anybody, and nobody would tolerate it. Neither expect nor tolerate to the contrary. "Lack of generosity has no consideration for the feelings of others, simply start a discussion or a fight regardless of anyone's feelings" (Kent). "It's an ABC drug the baby: Aconite, Belladonna, Chamomilla. Aconite is a whirlwind in the circulation,
Belladonna is a whirlpool in the brain, Chamomilla is a whirlwind in his temperament "(Tyler). Irritable by liver disorders. Dictatorial.
Impetuous. premenstrual stubborn.

2 - () The only thing which greatly improves the above picture and reassures him, is a ride in the arms or wander or hammocks (Rock your wish to be). The child asks to be carried in the arms, because it calms their anxiety, weeping. Sometimes, even so, you are changing your arm wearing it, or wants to hold him and walk another person and then another and another. No peace.

3 - () In addition to being angry, often to extreme degrees, fits of anger him sick, which produced many symptoms, from seizures to diarrhea, metrorrhagia, abortions, jaundice, cough, dyspnea, chills, fever,
etc. Ailments: to feel contempt, from fright, of mortification.

4 - () There is an excessive, extremely sensitive, especially in children, and especially the pains, which are intolerable, especially in coffee drinkers and drug addicts: it becomes frantic screams, this restless, gets out of bed night, the confused, violent, impatient. It is also hypersensitive to music, noise and smells.

5 - () Excessive restlessness, anxiety, worse at night in bed, out of bed and forced him to take many turns in it, in children, during menstruation, headaches and fever. Anxiety periodically, in paroxysms, and at night in bed after eating; hypochondriac. Feelings of guilt. General physical anxiety.

6 - () Sleeping: complains, starts, talk, scream, cry. The child cries to wake up. He hears voices at night. by narcotico; lying on painless side; sleeping, if touched, by touching anything. Better: for coffee; heat.

7 - () During the chills and fever: it is hard to think, this confused, sigh, this excited, irritable, restless and tearful.

8 - () with a tendency to melancholy mood sitting, completely rigid, calm, indifferent to everything pleasant; inconsolable complains involuntarily, such as absent, abstracted. Crying: in children (only improves carrying) and in infants, while in the chills and fever, during convulsions, cough and pain, while in the sweats, sleeping, defecation, with sobs.

9 - () are wrong in speaking and writing; omitted syllables and words.

10 Other mental disorders: Fear of wind back on past unpleasant facts wants to grab something Carphology.

11 - () especially useful in children, newborns and disturbances produced in the period of dentition (convulsions, gastric upset, vomiting, diarrhea, irritability, etc.)..

12 - () seizures, in children, after a fit of anger or child who breastfeeds during dentition, for any excitement or if the child is punished, in pregnancy and the postpartum period, to fall. Lonvulsivos movements.

13 - () The pains are aggravated by heat and flare of numbness, the parties concerned to sleep. The pain may be accompanied by heat, thirst, fainting and screaming, worse in the evening until before midnight.

14 - () Tachycardia and Blood orgasm after harassment or emotions.

15 - () Worse: Morning, at 9 am, evening, night and before midnight, by heat (except toothache), in the heat of the bed by air currents; tendency to take cold; after breakfast, for coffee.

16 - () Hypersensitive, with aversion to open air Great aversion to wind, especially in the ears.

Desire and aversion of Chamomilla
17 - () I want to acid and cold drinks. Aversion to the beer and coffee.

18 - () Vertigo: after eating, lying down, face down, sitting, with nausea or fainting; with instability, as if intoxicated. Congestion headaches after anger, better outdoors. Head Tugback. Headaches: by cooling off or taking cold, for anger, after dinner, for coffee, outdoor, throbbing or as if it would burst. Pressing headache in temples and vertex, thinking about the pain worse. Cephalic cry. Cracks in the side of the head. Sweat sour, hot, especialrnente sleeping on the scalp.

19 - () Heat and burning in their eyes, feeling as if the heat left out. Puffy eyes in the morning. Pain as a wound in the corners.
Edges of very dry and swollen eyelids; night stick. Ecchymosis in the eyes. Eseleroticas yellow. Spasmodically closed eyelids, with myoclonus. Miosis. See sparks. Photophobia. Half of the vision is obscured, looking at something white.

20 - ()-sensitive ears and ears open air and wind. Otitis media with otalgia, stitches on stooping; the child puts his hand to the ear. It is one of the most important remedies for earache (in children if produced by cold and has redness on her cheek. Pulsatilla is like in this respect, but to be effective must be a mentally Chamomilla). Noise in the ear as water jet, buzzing. Sensation of clogged ears. Hypersensitive hearing, especially when they, not tolerate the music. Watery purulent secretion.

21 sticky or watery nasal drainage. Epistaxis with clots. Stuffed coryza. Ulceration of the nostrils. Hyperosmia. Wrinkled skin of the nose.

22 - () Red face: during the chills, one side of the face is pale and the other red with toothache. Face yellowish. Face hot: during the chills, after eating and drinking, one side of the face is cold and one hot, with the rest of the body cold. Facial pain with numbness.
Suda in the face after eating and drinking, and during fever. Swelling of the face with toothache; of the parotid and submaxillary. Erysipelas. Red miliary eruption on the cheeks. Convulsive movements of the face and lips.
Chapped lips, excoriated, ulcerated. Spasms of the jaw.

23 - () red palate. Language and dry mouth. Tongue red and cracked dmarillenta; with blisters. Canker. Convulsive movements of the tongue. Heat in the mouth. Breath offensive, putrid. Saliva sweet. Bitter taste of tomorrow; acid.

24 - () Sensation of elongation of the teeth was loose. Toothache: hopeless, worse at night, cold air, in a fit of anger by the cafe, for chewing, by pressure, for drinks or food or hot things, for the warmth of the bed or room, in children, in nervous patients, during menstruation and pregnancy, for suppressed by cold sweats, throbbing, better for cold water. Disorders of dentition (perhaps the most important acute remedy).

25 It chokes. Throat spasms. Throat dark red with inflammation and swelling of tonsils, burning pain, heat. Foreign body sensation in the throat. Can not swallow solids, worse lying down, food will not fall.

26 - () No appetite. Indigestion or stomach upset by vexatious. Belching exacerbating this situation is painful. Gastralgias after Tomza cafe or any excitement, as if a stone in the stomach, with dyspnea and anxiety, the better for coffee. Extreme thirst for cold drinks, especially with the pain. Vomiting: after a fit of anger after smoking opium easy.
Bilious vomiting during the chills and sweating; sour vomiting.

27 - () tympanic distention of the belly obstructed flatulence, worse in hypochondria and English. Stomach pains: from anger, newspapers, by taking cold, during diarrhea, cough, sneeze or touch it prevent him from urinating;
heat better. Cramps. Colic in children, shout, bend, arms are better. Pressure in English as if to go out one Liernia. Vacuum in the womb, with movements.

28 - () Diarrhea in children during dentition; by anger by taking cold, with colic, worse at night. Stools: scrambled eggs and spinach, green, hot, frequent watery green or green mucus, corrosive, smelling of rotten eggs. Constipation. Very painful anal fissure, ulceration in the rectum, perianal excoriation. Internal hemorrhoids. Flatus.

29 Dysuria during the chills and sweats. Urine yellow, turbid on standing. Burning and itching in urethra while urinating.

30 excoriation on the edge of the foreskin, itching and stinging. Excited sexual desire.

31 - () Cash excoriating yellow. Menses dark, frequently, membranous, painful, clotted; suppressed. Metrorrhagia: in half of the menstrual cycle, black, with red clots, by fits of anger.
Burning pain in the vagina. Uterine pain of anger, paroxysmal. Bearing down pain in the uterus. Uterine cramps, after a fit of anger or premenstrual or during menstruation. As labor pains during menstruation. Excessive labor pains, spasmodic, that the much altered, or false, rigidity of the cervix during childbirth contractions of the uterus in an hourglass, the fetus goes up instead of down.
Wrongs. One of the best remedies in childbirth when oentales characteristics are present.

32 - () irritation of the larynx and trachea, with pain as raw, stitches and burning, tingling in the suprasternal notch. Hoarseness. Asthma in children, after a fit of anger, better by cold air. Shortness of breath, wheezing or rattling. Dyspnea after anger, for suppression of measles.
Cough at night, in a fit of anger. Dry cough sleeping. Cough laryngeal irritation or tingling in the suprasternal notch or behind the sternum.
Expectoration only by day; of dark blood, sour or putrid. Milk bad, blood or as cheese or mixed with pus flowing falls. Soreness in the breasts. Nipples inflamed. Erysipelas on the breasts. The baby's breasts are sensitive.

33 pains in the back, in the sacrum, worse at night, extended to the thighs, unbearable in the lumbar region and hips, worse on the side that is not lying. Cervical glands swollen and painful, worse turning the head. Rigidity in the neck, in the lumbar region, pain after prolonged sitting. Seizures in the back with opisthotonos.

34 - () is sleeping with members in abduction. Cramps in legs and calves, worse at night. Heat in the feet, uncovered at night in bed (Sulph.). The upper limb or forearm stiffen up and fall asleep to grasp something firmly. Sudden weakness in the limbs. Pain in the limbs at night, driving out of bed and drives him to walk, better by warmth and the movement continued. Acute rheumatic pains, drive him out of bed. Burning pain at night in bed. Cracking articular knee to move it. Aching joints and tired, no strength in feet and hands. Convulsive on members, in the arms, with your thumb inside the hand fingers. Hands: cold or swollen, with paralytic stiffness and cold sweats in the palms.
Joints of the fingers red and swollen. Drawing pain in hips and thighs, worse at night, extended to the feet. Tension in the muscles of the thighs and legs. Burning and itching in the feet, as chilblains. Swelling of the foot and the ground.

35 sounds falling into an abyss or fight. You can not sleep and sleep anxiety and insomnia with visual and auditory hallucinations. He yawns and stretches. Ronca.

36 - () Chills: after anger at menstruation, when uncovered, with sweats. Cold in the front of the body, with heat in the back, or vice versa. Fever before noon or at dusk or at night in bed with chills; at 9 pm; paroxysms caused by fits of anger in the back of the body. Burning heat 9 to 12 hours. Fever without chill from 9 to 12 hours, or chills. Mouth: very long; sender child, one cheek red, the other pale, with shivering, on one side, for vexatious. Fever with delirium. Puerperal fever. Sweats: acres, acids, for anxiety, hot, profuse in locations covered, sleeping, better uncovered. Suppression of sweating disorders. The symptoms are aggravated sweating, or do not relieve or improve it.

Eruptions 37 phagadenic; suppurating. Tendency to skin inflammations. Scalds in children. Unhealthy skin, every wound festers.
Sores that itch, burn and hurt, very sensitive to touch, with granite around. Rashes in infants. Jaundice.

Belladonna Magnesia carb.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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