Charcoal. Properties

The active charcoal, made from coconut shell, is usually subject to special training after charring, thus increasing its porosity giving it a great power of absorption.

The digestive system very well tolerated making active charcoal. Here you will adsorb or fix anything that is not desirable for the body (food additives, pesticide residues, chemical fertilizers, toxic bacteria from fish and other foods).

Properties of active charcoal
* Its action on the gas (flatulence) is due to a double process: the absorption of the gases themselves, as well as producing bacteria of the same.
* Some of the functional problems of the digestive system, whose origin is often from poor eating habits (too much sugar, alcohol, fats, fried, etc..), Can be treated with active carbon. Among these we can highlight abdominal pain, cramps, heartburn, gas, burping, swollen belly, and so on.
* By reducing the intestinal gas active charcoal can reduce bloating.
* Another property of active charcoal to remove the bad breath due to intestinal fermentation generally very strong.
* Also active charcoal effectively combat diarrhea.
* Excellent anti-venom

There are no known side effects of active charcoal as it does not act directly on the body. Maybe I can inhibit the action of certain oral medications and therefore should be taken into account.

Forms of use of active charcoal
It should be taken with water and food outside for a greater therapeutic effect.
The powder form is more effective than capsules.
It is preferable not to take it with coffee, tea and alcohol as it can inhibit their properties.

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