Chelidonium. Homeopathy

(Celandine - Chelidonium majus)
1 - () Anxiety of conscience, as if he were guilty of a crime. Despaired of religious salvation of his soul.
2 - () Aversion to physical and mental work, especially after lunch. Torpor. Everything is slow: the spirit, gait, speech. Movement abhors. Aversion to the conversation.
3 - () is haunted by a foul smell, faeculant, as if all * objects around you were dirty with feces (Sulfur).
4 - () think he'll go crazy, is afraid of losing reason.
5 - () are easily offended.
6 - () Forget what you'll do or what you just did.
7 - () premonition of death. Thinks he has ruined his health. Sad,
melancholy. Tendency to mourn.
8 - () Delirium quiet, worse at night.
9 - () ailments and symptoms dominate the right side.
10 - () Worse: motion; by touch, by changes of time at 4 or 16 hours, at the very early morning, lying on the right. Better: At noon, after lunch, for hot milk, after eating, especially hot food or drinks, for the rest, by pressure, inclined backward, by heat (except for headaches).
11 - () People blond, thin, irritated, prone to liver disorders,
gastric or abdominal any age, sex and temperament. In bilious prone to liver disease, and face faeculant smelling grayish yellow.
12 - () Thinning marking.
13 - () Serous effusion.
Desire and aversion of Chelidonium
14 - () like milk, especially hot drinks and warm food
almost boiling vinegar, wine, beer, coffee, acids.
15 - () Aversion to cheese and coffee, meat.
16 weird things like pregnancy.
17 - () Vertigo with bilious vomiting, worse on closing eyes or get up and sit up in bed (Cocculus). Pain over right eye (supraorbital neuralgia), with excessive tearing, preceded by liver pains, worse at night reading, night and warmth, better by cold water and spewing bile. Headache worse on waking in the morning, at 14 hours outdoors, from blowing, coughing, stooping, better eating and closing his eyes. Cold in the occipital region, as if cold air out of the neck. Heaviness occipital, worse at night, like he could not lift his head from the pillow. Itching on the neck. Head tremor. Band sensation in forehead and temples, closing his eyes better. Feel the skull too small. Falls
hair on the nape. Tendency to fall forward.
18 - () Tearing in the left eye, worse on looking up, at dusk, extended to the malar bone and teeth. Staphyloma and corneal opacities. Wishes to close his eyes. Pupils dilated or contracted, or unresponsive. Caen lashes. Lacrimal Fistula. See sparks during headache. Go dazzling spots. Letters run or come together to write or read. Amaurosis. Diplopia. Point between the eyebrows. The edges are red oarpados as well as the conjunctiva. Yellow sclera
dirty. Clonic spasms of the eyelids. Blurred vision in his right eye in the morning on waking. Falls.
19 - () sound or feeling of wind or air out of the ears. Has one ear the other hot and cold. The ears are covered when coughing, with hearing loss.
Stitch prolonged in the right ear.
20 - () Sensation of trembling on the tip of the nose is swollen and red.
Itching on the tip of the nose. Nasal flaring in respiratory (Lycopodium). Feel stinks, worse when stooping.
21 - () Face: dirty grayish, pale yellowish, sallow, red on one side.
Anxious expression, suffering, sickly. Bone pain killing law
tearing. Right facial neuralgia, worse lying down, touching and talking. The jaw drops. Sensation of swelling in the right malar bone. Facial itching. Herpes on chin. Lip swollen, dry, cracked, crusty.
22 - () Bitter taste. Tongue with teeth marks, flabby. Pointed tongue, dry, brown, pale white, yellowish, with red edges.
Yellowish palate. Mucus in the mouth when coughing beyond. Bad breath. Gums bleed. Toothache with facial neuralgia, worse from heat and night in bed, better for cold water.
23 - () Anorexia. Gastralgia improving after lunch, eating, belching, lying left side, legs and taking enccogidas hot milk, and is aggravated by pressure and movement. The stomach does not tolerate anything except boiling liquid. Bilious vomiting with headache.
Nausea with heat in the stomach, or cold. Shear Gastralgia yawning, after dinner. Constriction and distress in the epigastric hollow.
24 - () The main focus of action of Chelidonium is the liver. Stitches in the liver extended to the back, especially the lower and inner angle of right scapula. Pains in the liver extended to the back or down, better after eating. Biliary colic by gallstones.
Hypertrophy (perpendicular) and hepatic congestion, with sensation of fullness and tenderness. Liver swollen, hard, painful. Acute and chronic hepatitis. Pain in the navel, extending transversely through the abdomen, constriction as a string. Retraction of the navel. Ascites.
Inguinal ulcers. Stitches in spleen. Plethora portal; distention, bowel sounds.
25 - () alternating constipation and diarrhea. White stools, white as putty, hard white, pasty, pale yellow, floating in the water.
Constipation, with hard pieces or bolic as sheep. Straining at stool, without result. Constriction in anus defecate, or by preventing stool; alternating with itching. Sometimes hemorrhoids bleed, itch, prick;
burning; horrniguean.
26 - () pain in the right kidney, worse than 16 to 21 hours and its back. Stabbing pain in the bladder. Foamy urine, dark yellow;
brown, reddish brown, dark green, white, turbid when leaving or after rest. Tine urine dark yellow clothing. Burning pain in the urethra or rortantes. Frequency. Diabetes.
27 Drawing pain in the testes and spermatic cord. Eczema in the bags and anus. Painful swelling of right testicle.
28 - () Burning in the vagina every day at the same time. Decrease in milk during lactation. Menses profuse and prolonged. Pain
right ovary. Yellow discharge that stains the clothes.
29 - () Spasm of glottis during expiration. Pain in the larynx by coughing.
Pressing pain in the larynx, worse swallowing, as if nothing was the air. Dyspnea after dreams that frighten him, better lying outdoors. Asthma worse at night and weather changes. Chest tightness worse clothes. Retrosternal pressure. Spasms of the diaphragm. Stitches in the lower right side of the chest, worse by coughing, movement or inspiration, extended the
belly. Pain on the right side of the chest, worse on inspiration, on movement and coughing, better sitting. Pneumonia: is one of the principal remedies in this affection, especially the right upper lobe and left lower
transfixing pains to inferior angle of right scapula, worse on movement and contact. Pneumonia with hepatic complications.
Catarrhal bronchitis. Pertussis. Short, spasmodic, with sensation of dust in the air passages. Red-streaked expectoration, which flies from his mouth. Cough at 16 hours. Capillary bronchitis with hepatic symptoms.
30 - () stitches and lancinating pains in the chest region and pectoral muscles. Violent palpitation with constriction of the chest. Pulse hard and full.
31 - () The key symptom of Chelidonium defining a fixed pain under right shoulder blade at its lower and inner angle and its inner edge,
worse in the morning or waking up at 4, breathing, moving his right arm extended to the sternum or shoulder. Points on and below the right shoulder blade when breathing. These pains generally represent a reflection of liver disease. Stiff neck and cracks, worse when moving head.
Painful spine, when you lean backward or forward, tearing as if they would break the vertebrae. Violent pains in the
inferior angle of left scapula.
32 - () Pain in the right shoulder. Drawing pain in the lower limbs, especially the right; paralyzed. Pain in right knee
worse by motion (Bry) and walking. Pain in the limbs when touched.
Heel pain intolerable. Jerking and tremors in the limbs:
seizures in the fingers and toes. Cold in the fingertips. The
right foot and the other normal cold or hot. Hot hands. Yellow palms. Stiffness in the wrist, ankle and knee. Edeine of foot and ankle, rheumatic. Heaviness in the legs. Itching on the soles of his feet, but on the right, in lower limbs. Feel dead the toes. Rheumatic and neuralgic pains.
33 - () You can not sleep and sleep. Falling asleep talking. Sounds with businesses,
corpses, funerals do not remember.
34 - () Chills to 15 hours. Suda for the least effort. Suda sleeping
ETTER awakening.
35 - () Jaundice yellow-gray skin. Itching. Old ulcers, putrid, stretching, with background liver or tuberculosis. Pimples and pustules. Eczema. Hives. Wrinkled skin.
Bryonia: Lycopodium, Sulfur, Arsenic Alb., Often complete healing.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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