Chelone. Homeopathy

(Chelone glabra)
Mental symptoms of Chelon
1 depression, physical and moral, after a serious condition that has been particularly affected the liver.
2 - () Weakness and exhaustion with liver disorders or stressful enferrnedades; for loss of tone of the digestive organs. Acts as a true tonic that accelerates the digestive and liver functions, precludes exhaustion of the patient. Give doses of 1 to 5 drops of the tincture. Antidote quinine cachexia.

3 - () Aggravation by moisture.


4 - () The key symptom is pain or tenderness deep in the left lobe of the liver, extending downward, subicterico dye.
5 - () Parasitic intestinal worms.
6 - () Dolorimieiito of external parts, as if someone had torn the skin, especially on the elbows. Jaundice.


*Automatic Translation