Chenopodium vulvaria. Homeopathy

Chenopodium vulvaria
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Chenopodium vulvaria
1 Feelings of fullness or numbness in several places.
2 side left.
SPECIFIC Chenopodium vulvaria
Dullness in waves 3, behind the ears and neck. Obstruction and dullness in the ears.
4 - () feeling that the tongue is wrapped in saliva. Saliva cold.
5 Sensation of cold in the womb. Stitches in spleen walking.
Constipation with hemorrhoids.
6 - () Urine fetida. Enuresis.
7 decreased sexual desire and erections.
8 amenorrhea.
9 fullness in the chest.
10 - () Pain in the left base after burping. Pain under
left shoulder blade. Pain in the dorsal and on the right side of the column,
toward the right scapula, better sitting.
11 Weakness in hands and arms. Pricking in the legs, they do move.
Yawning 12. Drowsiness.