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Chilblains or Perniosis
Erythema hinge, more or less circumscribed swelling of the skin, sometimes even sore phlyctenular, which appears in the winter in the fingers and toes, ears, etc.., Especially in children and young nodes.

Chilblains are a skin condition typical winter due to cold or wet weather or persons who are required to be in a very cold environment.

The peripheral circulation disorders favor the occurrence of chilblains. The hands and feet (especially toes), a tip of the nose and pinna are the areas that suffer from this disorder.

Symptoms of chilblains
* They appear as a spot of variable size that protrude slightly from the surface of the skin (imbibición1 edematous dermal tissue).
* Red usually have more or less intense.
* Tendency to cracking and ulceration with possible departure of serous fluid which dries leaving a yellow crust.
* Itching lively
* Feeling of burning pain (burning)

Preventing the onset of chilblains
* Protect from sudden temperature changes
* Wear gloves or wool socks
* Exercises with active movements of the limbs to activate blood circulation.

Treatments and remedies for chilblains - Perniosis with Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine against chilblains with Medicinal Herbs: Garlic, Almonds, Onions and Walnut, Angelica, Goldenrod, hawthorn blossom, yarrow.

Medicine for chilblains with Hydrotherapy: Baths alternate feet. Also treading water snow or going to bed without drying out hot after the feet.
Rub your feet with lemon, let dry and then treat the skin with olive oil.

Medicine for chilblains with Essence: Lemon, Cypress, Lavender

Medicine for chilblains with Homotoxicology - Homeopathy: Abropernol (c), Aesculus comp. (g).

1 The displacement of a viscous fluid by another immiscible fluid with this.

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