Chimaphila umbellata. Homeopathy

Chimaphila umbellata
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Chimaphila umbellata
1 - () Worse in wet weather, after washing with cold water, after having been sitting on a rock or pavement damp and cold, from cold. Better:
2 side left.
SPECIFIC Chimaphila umbellata
3 Tina in the head. Pain left front.
4 - () Halo around light colored. Itching and burning of the eyelids.
Incipient cataract and progressive. Cutting pain in the left eye with tearing.
5 The cheeks are red, with general heat, and tachycardia.
6 - () Toothache worse after eating and efforts, better for cold water.
You can not close your mouth at night by stiffness of the jaw, sleeps with his mouth open. Pain as if the teeth were Tyrolean. Ulcers and vesicles on the ball. Palate sore and very sensitive to hot foods or drinks; as raw.
7 Great great thirst and increased appetite.
8 - () Liver disease with ascites. Ascites from renal or abdominal
in alcoholics. Mesenteric adenopathy. Intestinal worms.
9 Sharp pain deep in the left side of the rectum and anus. Diarrhea, fecal mucosanguinolentas. Obstinate constipation with hemorrhoids.
10 - () The prostate and the urinary tree are the two main fields of action of Chimaphila umbellata. Acute prostatitis with dysuria and retention, by sitting on a rock or pavement damp and cold. Prostate pain. Sensation of fullness in the prostate. Sensation of ball in the perineum, worse sitting, as if he were sitting on a ball. Enlarged prostate, perhaps the best remedy in old chronic cases, especially if there cystitis and edema. Kidney pain. Frequent urination (getting up several times at night), urgency after urination, constant, ineffectual, worse sitting, dysuria, urinary frequency. You can only pee with your feet wide apart and leaning forward and making an effort to begin. Urine hot, dark, dark green, heavy or scanty, offensive, with reddish sand, with lots of sediment, thick, bloody or mucous, filante; glbuminuria; hematuria with clots. Urethral pain shear divided stream, urethral stricture. Urethritis with profuse mucous or purulent discharge. Burning in urethra during urination, urethral itching. Catarrhal cystitis, urgency, retention of urine. Bladder fullness. Renal edema. Diabetes.
11 Atrophy of the testicles. Gonorrhea, syphilis; prostatorrhoea. A testicle feels beaten.
12 - () uterine and vaginal prolapse. Swollen lips, swollen. Rapid atrophy of breasts or women with large breasts. Breast Cancer; scirrhous.
Painful nodules in the breasts of young unmarried women. Great milk secretion or suppression.
Rheumatism 13 shoulders with acute pain. Paronychia. Fistula in the
right forearm. Pulsation in the anterior thigh when lying.
Band sensation in his left knee.
14 hectic fever, night sweats.
15 dark red spots on the skin. Malignant ulcers. Scarlet fever.