China, Chininum arsenicum, Cicuta virosa, Cimicifuga

China (cinchona bark) Weakness. Prolonged convalescence. Liver injury. Night sweats. Intermittent fever. Exhaustion. Anemia. States of weakness due to loss of blood or other bodily fluids. Burning and interscapular pain in limbs and joints. Sensitivity to cold. Anorexia. Chininum arsenicum (quinine arsenite) Manuka debilitating diseases. Phases of impregnation. Anemia. Aclorihidria. Thyrotoxicosis. Neuralgia. Prolonged convalescence. Anorexia. Asthma. Sepsis. Cicuta virosa (hemlock) Convulsions. Facial eczema. Cimicifuga (black cohosh) Rheumatic and neuralgic from the sacrum to pass through the spine and head to the nostrils. Sciatica. Ovarian dysfunction. Ovarian pains. Menorrhagia. Uterine spasms. Amenorrhea. Premenstrual pains. Pains appear suddenly and quick change of symptomatology. Osteochondrosis especially in the dorsal and cervical spine.

*Automatic Translation