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China (Cinchona officinalis - Yellow Quina)
1 - () This tired and bored of life is very unfortunate and thinks that nothing is worth, has a wish to die, there is strong suicidal tendency (to jump out a window), but lacks the courage to carry it out , because at the same time is afraid to die.
2 - () is apathetic (worse during fever), lazy (worse after eating, to sleep), which tended to be always sitting, quiet, taciturn, sad, especially with fever or chills or sweats and after eat. Alterna sadness with joy. Have an aversion to the company. Discontent. ONFIDENCE lacks in itself, feels cowardly. It is shy and blushes.
3 - () is afraid of animals, especially dogs, from night to die to evil to fall, to the ghosts to kill, to noise, people, of being touched. Anxiety on waking morning and night, before the chills, for the future or over trifles. Guilt.
4 - () Stunned, domed, morning awakening, especially loss of fluids. Have an aversion to thinking, mental work. Instead, there is great mental clarity (especially in evening), and joy in the evening and night until 2; even make plans at the time.
5 - () criticizes the other, go back to remember and talk about unpleasant facts past and it is unforgiving (with rage). It is contemptuous, proud. Disobedient; stubborn, dictatorial.
6 - () sees people or has visions on closing the eyes. Think they pursue,
which is followed by enemies.
7 - () is very sensitive: the sounds (more at birth) to pain (as desperate) to be touched (not allowed); to be looked at, to sensual impressions.
8 - () is wrong: when speaking, using words, misplaced, or reversed, and to write some letters transposed.
9 - () Other mental characteristics: Lust, libertinism. Run through the streets. Ailments from anticipation. Jump out of bed. Nymphomania in suerperio.
10 - () The most important feature of China is its etiologic indication, in disorders of consequence, or from, large or prolonged losses of animal fluids, especially bleeding in people before robust and undermined by those downloads now exhausted, and as also by excessive and prolonged lactation, diarrhea, sweating, oozing, wet dreams, and so on. Anemia after bleeding. Leukemia.
11 - () Tendency to bleeding from body orifices, with ringing in the ears, fainting, general cold, dimming of vision and, sometimes, seizures. It is also one of the best HEMOSTATICS.
12 - () is very sensitive to touch, to touch him, is worse, especially by the slightest touch or pressure surface. On the contrary, improve or disappear discomfort the more intense the pressure, or when it is folded in two, which is a form of strong pressure.
13 - () Worse by air currents and the open (he dislikes), by eating fruit, drink lots of tea, milk or food acids or crude; by movement (except the pains in the limbs) and walking, from cold, after cooling, in autumn, in cloudy weather and at night, after coition, after sweating.
14 - () The symptoms are presented with well-marked intervals of every other day or every 7 to 14 days. Disorders of malarial origin, with marked regularity, returning by day.
15 - () Weakness: diarrhea; by sweating; in nursing women; nervous after coitus; by repeated pollutions; after dinner, when rising from a seat by walking. Faints lost fluids.
16 - () internally Pressing pains as a weight, or tearing, external and bone. Internal stitches outwards.
17 - () Other general features: Seizure by or with bleeding;
the postpartum period with hemorrhage. Korea. Distended vessels, especially during fever. Intermittent pulse, irregular. Thinning. It's dirty, dirty.
Desire and aversion OF CHINA
18 - () Aversion to fats in butter, beer, bread, meat, food hot.
19 - () I want sweets, spicy food, cold drinks.
20 - () head sensitive to cold air and drafts. Distention of blood vessels in the head. Heaviness in the head. Sense of looseness in the brain, as loose; vacuum. Suda on the scalp, especially walking outdoors. Vertigo: for loss of body fluids, raising the head, as if it were backwards, with nausea. Headache: cold air outdoors, during fever, periodic (every morning or night through the morning awakening); removed by sweat, with nausea and vomiting, worse from motion, touch, sitting and walking (more against wind vl), better hard pressure. Frontal headache to open his eyes.
Headache as a wound on the vertex, worse from thinking or talking. Pain in the bones of the skull. Occipital pain after sexual excesses; worst lying. Headache as if his head exploded, better open your eyes. Pressing pain occipital walking by night and outdoors. Pain as if you pulled the hair. Soreness in the head after a mental effort.
Stitches that go from one temple to another. Hemicrania. Pulsations in the brain, as if struck against the dome, as in waves, and in temples. Heaviness
cephalic with fainting.
21 - () Pain in the eye by light or like sand. Photophobia by daylight or the sun. Burning pain, first in one eye, then the other.
Burning tears. Heat in the eyes. Mydriasis. Hunidos or protruding eyes;
yellow. Loss of vision or blurred vision at night, blurred after pollutions. Vision trembling during the headaches. See floaters or sparks.
22 - () Ringing in the ears: for headaches, for loss of blood or body fluids, such as whispers, humming, stamps, roaring, singing (but after menstruation). Hyperacusis or hearing loss. Red ears, but in the lobes.
23 - () Epistaxis: the morning after rising, on blowing. It is one of the best remedies for epistaxis (Millef.). Cold sweats around the nose. Nose hot, red. Coryza with sneezing.
24 - () Heat in the face of air entering a room. Veins in the face. Perioral cold sweats. Face: pale, dusky, gray, with dark circles marked blue, red, circumscribed areas (Ferrum), during fever, black, bloated. Lips: cut, dried, blackened, swollen, with burning pustules. Parotid and submandibular swollen and painful. Facial pain relieved by pressure strong.
25 - () Dry or sticky. Language: dirty, white morning, black, yellow. Taste putrid or bitter or salty or sweet. Food and bitter like snuff. Palate and uvula swollen. Throat dry. Burning at the tip of the tongue. Blood coming out of the tongue. Difficulty speaking.
26 - () black or dark teeth. Tooth pain when touched by air currents, while breastfeeding, eating at night, during the sweating, throbbing; best by pushing hard or external heat. Sordes in the teeth, black or dark. Gums swollen.
27 - () increased or excessive appetite, night or before the chill, with great emaciation. Not hungry in foggy weather. The appetite comes back after a bite. Burning thirst for cold drinks before and after the chill, and for perspiration. Extreme thirst for large quantities at a time or small, repeated, or no thirst. Feels cold in the stomach after taking cold drinks. Eating fruit brings many disadvantages: the indigestible, it causes belching acid, fermentation in the stomach and intestine with great flatulence and diarrhea with undigested stools.
Sensation of fullness and heaviness in the stomach after eating, even if Somido very little is satisfied very easily. Gastralgias after eating, or loss of animal fluids, better by motion. Pressing pain by eating a snack. Pulsation in epigastrium. Great epigastric distention after eating, not relieved belching. Belching exacerbating this situation is inefficient and incomplete, bitter, taste of food, regurgitation.
Vomiting after eating, food, acids, blood, bile during cough, sweats and fever, with colic.
28 - () Huge flatulent distension of the stomach, worse after eating (especially fruit) and drink, much bloat, flatulence blocked and sensation of fullness, state not relieved by passing flatus. Can not bear tight clothing. Pain in the belly before removing the flatus or during or by taking cold chills, better bending double and worse after eating.
Ileocecal pain. Pressure on the English, as if to get a hernia.
Cutting Umbilical, with shivering. Pain in the liver, by pressure and worse when touched. Gallstone colic. Pain in the spleen.
Hypertrophy and induration of the liver and spleen. Diseases of the spleen.
Hepatitis. Encysted ascites.
29 - () Diarrhea after noon and night, after dinner, for fruit, in hot weather, painless, at night, just after eating during the day, during the smallpox after weaning. Diarrhea periodically on alternate days.
Stools are undigested, especially at night and after eating fruit, light-colored or yellowish putrid bilious, black, white. Involuntary stools. Feces, even soft, passed with difficulty. Stitches in the rectum. Oxiurus, pruritus ani. Foreign body sensation in the perineum.
30 Frequent ineffectual urging to urinate, followed by pressure in the bladder. Enuresis. Weak stream. Urine: turbid, dark, scanty, white and turbid, with white sediment, yellow-green, with brick dust sediment; hematuria.
31 - () Impotence. Frequent ejaculations evening followed by great weakness. Erotic ideas sexual excitement day and night. Swelling of the testicles and spermatic cord. Drawing pain in the testicles.
32 - () Congestion uterine bearing down. Metrorrhagia with blood clots or black, with fainting and convulsions. Menses scanty. Painful induration of the cervix. Flow: premenstrual, aqueous and sanguine, with clots or foul pus, itching and soreness in the thighs. Cramps in utero.
33 - () Hoarseness with laryngotracheal soreness. Spasm of glottis.
Breathing: short and fast, noisy, like a rattle, rattling, whistling.
Constant morning cough dry, like sulfur vapors, to laugh and movements of the thorax; to talk much, slept with his head down, barely touching the larynx by a stream of air for loss of fluids: by eating or drink sultry night with pains in the chest and shoulder blades that make it scream. Chest pains, worse lying down and by percussion.
Stitches in the chest. Tendency to breathe deeply. Inspiracion hard and fast. Shortness of breath, better sleep with your head up. Expectoration of mucus particles Planco with blackish; purulent. Hemoptysis.
34 - () Plapitaciones strain and chill before.
35 - () Heaviness in the sacrum. Low back pain, cramp or crushing or tearing when moving. Sweats in the back on mloverse; or neck by the slightest movement. Pressure like a stone between the shoulder blades.
36 - () sense of constriction in the leg as a band or garter.
It has a cold hand and the other hot or cold one. Hand tremor when writing. Pains in the lower limbs during the chills, muscle and bone. Pain in the limbs during fever; in the joints, better by motion, renewed by any contact,
and then grow gradually to the maximum. Tearing in limbs during fever, in shock, stun, worse when touched.
Joints of the fingers swollen, stiff and painful.
Abscess red lump in the calf. Restlessness in the limbs, worse in the legs. Edema in lower limbs, legs and feet. Hard red swelling in the thigh and right knee hurts when touched. Swelling in plants. Dilated veins in their hands. The legs go to sleep while sitting.
37 - () Somnolence after noon, after dinner. Insomino. He yawns and stretches much. Starts on sleep. Grune asleep and snoring, even in children. He sleeps on his back, his head back and arms over his head. It sounds falling from a height.
38 - () Chills: by day only (not overnight), after noon or evening, worse in open air, by the slightest breath of air, in bed, drinking, to touch, to uncover, with tremors and shaken by the slightest air current. Chills predominant. Violent chills with delirium. Evening fever, burning, itchy all over. Continuous fever at night. Dry or burning fever in the evening and night, with distended veins in his arms and hands, without thirst, worse from motion, better eating and uncovered. Fever followed by chills, then sweats. Chuchos by uncovering, but want to do during fever. Intermittent fever without thirst;
or thirst alone among the chills. The paroxysms anticipate 2 to 3 hours in each attack and back every 7 to 14 days, never at night, sweating profusely everywhere to be plugged or during sleep (Allen). Malaria: tertian quartan daily. Measles. Scarlet fever. Sweats: devilitantes;
profuse on covered parts and in places which supported or for which you are lying down, sleeping, by the slightest effort, to move, walking outdoors or when they're anxious. Sweats: cold, oily (worst morning).
The symptoms are aggravated after sweating.
39 - () Skin: dry: can not perspire; flaccida. Anesthesia of the skin;
edema. Warts withered, wrinkled. Wet gangrene. Jaundice. Erysipelas.
Goose bumps.
Ferrum. Calcarea phos

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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