China. Homeopathy. Abstract

CHINA (dried bark of a South American tree of the family Rubiaceae).

Symptoms or pathogenesis of China
1 .- bleeding and anemia. Dark blood hemorrhage with pale skin, ringing in ears. Sweating, hypotension, syncopal state. Epistaxis, bleeding teeth, digestive, metrorrhagia, after surgeries.

2 .- Hepato-digestive disorders. Total abdominal bloating. Gastric distention after a light meal. Quickly sated appetite or poor appetite. Fruit intolerance. Bitter taste. Painless diarrhea with many gases, exhausting. Foul-smelling stools that contain food waste.

3 .- periodic fever with chills, heat, sweating with thirst, weakness, diurnal periodicity, 1 every other day or every 7 to 15 days.

4 .- Convalescence after febrile syndrome, influenza, haemorrhagic syndrome, associated with Kalium phos.

General symptoms of China: the parties upon which this cast and limbs fall asleep, general weakness trembling, with great tendency to sweat during any movement and sleep, overstimulation of the entire nervous system, followed by prostration overwrought vividness, skin cool pale, yellowish pains and complaints increased or caused by touch or night; ailments dating originally from serious illness, bleeding, pus, sexual excess and stress and overwork, general cold throughout the body, sleepiness the day with restless night sleep, not restorative. Fruit intolerance.

China: Aggravation: with a light touch, a touch, with drafts, with the absorption of fruit (cramps) with milk.

China: Amelioration: heat, with strong pressure.

China: Frequency: one day on two.

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