Chininum arsenicosum. Homeopathy

CHININUM arsenicosum
(Quinine arsenate)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis CHININUM arsenicosum
1 - () Hypersensitivity to sound. Great irritability.
Anxiety 2 constant, worse at night or waking up. Extreme agitation with insomnia, hallucinations scare him, looking to escape from the bed can not be home.
3 The child sits in bed complaining.
4 This seated and silent, wants to be quiet and alone does not answer the questions. Critica. This dissatisfaction with everything. Decreased memory. Aversion to
mental exertion; dullness.
5 The conditions are worse thinking about them.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis CHININUM arsenicosum
6 - () with profound prostration pale face and anxious. Chininum Arsenicosum has simultaneously weakness, exhaustion and anemia in China and prostration, agitation and anxiety of Arsenic. Posthemorrhagic disorders. Desire to lie down. It has been used as a general tonic, often with marked effects and fast.
7 - () Worse: at night, from cold (takes cold easily), the open air motion; by stormy weather, looking upward. Better: heat; lying, for shelter.
8 Periodicity (neuralgia).
9 In convalescence from prolonged illness.
Desire and aversion of CHININUM arsenicosum
10 - () Desire for cold drinks or warm sweets: wine. Aversion to meat.
11 - () Vertigo sudden upwards. Fullness in head, as if about to burst. Feeling of having a helmet of iron. Hemicrania left from fright. Headache in the neck, worse slightest movement.
Periodic headaches every 15 days, worse at night, mental effort and noise. Headache preceded by irritability.
12 - () Intense photophobia, spasm of the orbicularis with copious output of hot tears. Keratitis. Vision weak.
13 - () Oye como bells. Noises in the ears, whistling and buzzing, roaring;
with hearing loss. Otalgia.
14 Profuse coryza, best upright and outdoors. Post-nasal catarrh. Epistaxis copious. Nasal obstruction, worse lying down.
Facial tremor 15. Face pale, sallow, bloated. Cyanosis of lips with dyspnea.
16 - () Tongue coated, yellow, bitter or metallic taste. Foul breath. No appetite. Language brown or blackish. Sweetish taste after coughing.
The water tastes bitter.
17 - () Gargante sore, as raw, worse by coughing, swallowing and sneezing, with fur blackish. Diphtheria.
18 - () Nausea sudden, indescribable, generally with heat and weakness in limbs. Nausea and vomiting followed by sleep. Severe gastralgia night
momo if the stomach was pressed against the spine, better eating.
Contraction stomach pain, belching better. Alternating hyper and hypoacidity. Hyperacidity. Sensation of cold in the stomach and abdomen.
Vomiting aqueous food, bile or blood, worse at 2 hours.
19 - () Tympany. Ascites. Liver drive. Rumbling.
20 - () Diarrhea worse at night, after midnight, fruit, eggs or fish from 6 to 10 hours after eating. Frequent stools, burning,
irritating, undigested, sometimes blackish or Ecolorado. Anal burning after bowel movements.
21 Urine scanty or increased, urgent. Burning in the bladder and urethra. Urine albuminous, bloody, dark or greenish.
22 - () Dyspnea at 9 hours or at night, better sitting and leaning forward with doors and windows open. Sensation of emptiness in the chest. Shortness of breath. Fits of suffocation regularly every day. Cough worse during access chills and fever, with purulent, bitter or salty.
Senile bronchial catarrh, with periodic fever, worse at night. Stitches chest on inspiration. Feeling of constriction in the mediastinum. Left intercostal neuralgia.
23 - () Angina pectoris. Violent palpitation from least effort, with sense of constriction. Sense of detention of the heart. Pulse slow,
weak, irregular. Dyspnea; going up stairs. Degeneration of
24 Feel the weak back. Column sensitive.
25 - () Hands, knees, legs and feet cold, ice cream. Strong feeling of fatigue in his right shoulder, as if dislocated. Cramp in the calf. Edema of hands and feet. Cyanosis of hands and nails, with dyspnea.
Weakness and numbness of the legs. Arthritis, burning pains in the joints and as in the periosteum.
26 Sleep restless, interrupted. Sleeplessness from nervous causes. Anxious dreams. Yawning seizure.
27 - () Intermittent fever with great prostration. Chills in the afternoon or morning. Heat all night. Sweating in the morning, copious,
staining the linen yellow. Cold sweats, clammy. Tertian fever.
28 - () Dry, cold and pale, sensitive to the slightest touch. Volcanic dry
burning, itching. Goose bumps.
Ferrum. Natrum Muriaticum. Sepia.