Chininum mur. Homeopathy

(Quinine chloride)
1 - () Intolerable restlessness with anxiety and excitement, which makes leaving home.
c Sobresaltos through each step on the stairs or knock on the door.
3 apathetic, depressed, unwilling to work.
4 - () Very sensitive to alcohol and snuff. Gets drunk easily. You can not smoke, he does feel very bad, with cold sweats and nausea. This is useful for alleviating the effects of both habits and, perhaps, to fight,
5 - () Sensation of enlargement in various organs.
6 - () prostration and marked weakness accompanies most of the symptoms.
7 journalists marked the onset of symptoms.
8 Vertigo looking bright objects. Headache every morning, especially in the left supraorbital ridge. Headache recurs at the same time, and see lightning. Heaviness in the head, with drowsiness. Headache better with beer or walking.
9 - () intermittent severe neuralgic pains in and around the eyes,
worse every day from 15 to 17 hours, accompanied by chills. Injected conjunctiva, eyelids glued. Agran eyeball sensation given. Sensation of sand in the eyes tired from reading. Feels as if eyes were not open. Tearing, photophobia, and violent paroxysms of pain every day at 17. Ulcer of the cornea. Trachoma. Heaviness of eyelids.
10 Sounds in ears with hearing loss or itching in the back. Sensation of fullness in the ears with cotton after dinner. Pains in right auditory meatus.
11 - () Epistaxis. Congestion face, with red face and puffy, like alcohol. Trigeminal neuralgia, terrible, beginning in the teeth, and extends over the head to the neck, worse from 3 to 6 hours, better by cold applications.
Toothache in 12 healthy teeth, worse or cold food cold and close the jaws. Tongue coated, feels great. Foul breath.
Sensitive and bleeding gums.
13 Ravenous hunger, but filled with a piece of bread or poor appetite.
Sensation of fullness in the epigastrium. Tendency to vomit. Thirst is satisfied with a sip.
14 diarrhea, or alternating every other day. Flatulence, constipation.
15 Frequent urination, polyuria. Without urination, but if he strives, much urine comes out dark, intense acid odor, turbid, and deposited sediment.
16 Erections intense. Urethral discharge.
17 Cough tiring, with tions in the bronchi, while supplies last.
18 Palpitations after eating or after. Precordial anxiety with palpitacines afternoon.
19 Suenos confused, anxious, they wake up. Sounds with worms and lice.
Sleep is disturbed by pain in the head and teeth.
20 Intermittent fever with severe chills, at 5 pm. 2rofusos sweats acid odor, 8 to 11 hours.
21 Itching on chest and back.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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