Chininum sulph. Homeopathy

(Quinine Sulfate)
1 - () Fear of evil.
2 - () Usage of anxiety in the morning in bed, or after midnight, with shouts and need to jump out of bed.
3 Major depression, melancholia, dejection. Indolence. Indifference.
Aversion to answer.
4 can not pronounce nouns.
5 - () Periodicity marked the onset of their disorders, that they always come back every day at the same time, every second day, every 14 to 21 days.
6 - () Weakness, worse loss of body fluids (can barely breathe), by sweating, after stool. Need to lie.
Sensation as if bed were sinking into or through it.
7 - () Anemia rapid, with reduction of hemoglobin, polynuclear leukocytosis.
8 - () Cachexia quinine, in connection with a suppression of malaria access by prolonged treatment with quinine sulfate: sallow, weight loss, and chants ringing in the ears, splenomegaly,
tend to the dogs and great weakness.
9 - () Worse, by touching it. Better: by pressure or bending forward.
10 - () Hypersensitive to external influences.
11 - () Trembling with cold overall. Seizures a week. Intermittent and periodic neuralgia.
12 - () Vertigo with nausea, with sensation of whirling in the head, as if were turning worse by stooping and by motion, better lying down, as if intoxicated, with buzzing, warmth, tachycardia and headache, it falls into the street.
Vacuum in the head. Pounding headache and periodic, better by cold applications, must lie. Frontal headache with heaviness, worse turning the head or eyes. Headache over eyes periodically. Occipital headache on awakening at night, goes on rising. Bubbling with throbbing head arteries. Bursting in the head. Sensitivity aabelludo leather.
13 - () Vision foggy, it darkens to stare at an object transient blindness. See sparks, lights, black spots moving in all directions, sometimes hemiopia. Retrobulbar neuritis with sudden loss of vision. Photophobia, lacrimation to face the light. Mydriasis. Strabismus on alternate days or newspaper.
14 - () Buzzing and all kinds of noises in the ears, with vertigo; bells, bells, roars, especially on the left, with deafness. Meniere's Disease. Hey ringers during the chills. Hearing loss.
15 - () Common epistaxis and sneezing. Face pale, earthy, sickly, with suffering expression, anxious, or stupid. Jaundice. Cyanosis of the lips. Pain in cheek. Each red and hot, hot with headache, hot flushes in the face. Facial neuralgia right or left, worse from 7 to 12 hours or 15, or in the evening or 22, better from hard pressure; periodically.
16 - () Sialorrhea, excess mucus in the mouth. Tongue coated yellow.
Erosion on the gums, mouth sores scabs. Bitter taste, the bread tastes bitter.
17 Constriction of esophagus. Sore throat when swallowing. Dryness with feeling of having a foreign body in the throat burning.
18 - () Lack of appetite, hunger increased. Feeling faint with hunger. Great hunger even after eating it right away. Hunger after dinner, with nausea. Vacuum after dinner. Thirst for the sweats, fever and chills. Pressive Gastralgia after eating or drinking, even a little. Belching. Regurgitation bitter. Nausea. Vomiting in intermittent fevers, with burning and constriction. Gastric fullness. Heat in the epigastrium extended upwards and downwards.
19 - () hurts the spleen during the chills (Podophyllum), and cough. It hurts the liver, worse in the evening (Chel.) and coughing. Enlarged liver and spleen, with pain when taking deep breaths or sneezing. Can not bear tight clothing in the womb. Pains in the upper half of abdomen, worse pressure. Flatulence, colic, bowel sounds, movements. Intestinal tuberculosis.
Constipation 20. Nocturnal diarrhea. Soft stools, copious, with abundant flatus. Involuntary defecation. Itching and bleeding hemorrhoids.
21 - () Urine sediment with clay or straw-colored, or oily. Arenillas. Phosphaturia. Hematuria, hemoglobinuria. Uric acid crystals in urine smell very strong. Albuminuria. Chronic interstitial nephritis.
22 decreased sexual desire in men.
23 Metrorrhagia passive. Puerperal convulsions.
24 laryngotracheal irritation or tickling, dry cough or loose, gelatinous expectoration. Tightness in the chest. Attacks of dyspnea at midnight wheezing, noisy. Sensation of a hand grasping, retrosternal. Stitches on the left side of the chest, worse when breathing deeply, walking or standing more erect.
25 Palpitation from least exertion. Angina pectoris, with thinning.
26 - () The spine, especially cervical and dorsal pressure hurts (especially the seventh cervical and first dorsal) and lying, but during the chills. Neck pain at 16 hours.
27 - () drops like running from the hand to the armpit, after stool.
Limb paralysis. Cracking in the shoulder. Sciatica law, journalism,
worse by touching or walking. Cutting pains in the feet during the chills. Reumtismo acute polyarticular. Drop. Dropsy in the feet.
Cold limbs shaking. Cyanosis in the one during the chills.
Frequent yawning 28 night. Deep sleep, which rests not with debilitating sweats. Sleeplessness with copious sweats.
29 - () Chills predominant in feverish processes, of late,
especially at 15 hours, or 11 and 16, are anticipated two hours each time they appear or are accurate and newspapers regularly. Shivering even in a warm room. Chills with
back pain and swelling of veins. Malaria, tertian fever. Subnormal temperature. Sweating all over, even when quiet. Copious sweat, but tomorrow, exhausting. Sweating improve everything, but aggravated the headaches.
30 Itching, erythema, urticaria, vesicles, pustules. Purpura. Hypersensitive skin, wrinkled. Red rash all over his body, followed by desquamation.
Gangrene. Black crusts and dry.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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