Chionanthus virginica. Homeopathy

Chionanthus VIRGINICA
(Tree in Snow)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Chionanthus VIRGINICA
1 It feels exhausted, finished, not wanting to do anything, wants to be alone. He sees the black side of things. Apathy.
2 Excessively nervous and restless.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Chionanthus VIRGINICA
3 - () general weakness, severe tiredness, worse standing or walking, sitting or lying position better.
4 - () Great emaciation (liver hypertrophy).
5 - () Worse by cold, movement and walking. Better: lying on
belly, sitting or lying down.
6 - () is useful in various types of headaches or migraines, menstrual
bilious. Periodic bilious headaches. "Taken for several weeks in drops (tincture), often cut the habit migraine" (Boericke). Frontal headache over eyes. Feeling sore and bruised head. Feeling that your head will explode every time he moves, laughs or coughs. Headache worse by laughing, coughing, walking, moving, after sleeping, bending and shaking, better lying still and by pressure. Warm Front. Cold sweat on his forehead, after vomiting or defecating.
f 7 Eyes very sore, with pressure on the root of the nose. Conjunctiva yellow. The vessels of the sclera are very visible.
8 - () Face yellowish. Suda in the face during the fever, sleeping. Cheeks hot and dry.
9 Languages with layer "dirty greenish yellow. Tongue dry, with normal saliva and that is not relieved by drinking.
10 - () No appetite, the food gives you nausea. Belching, bitter, sour. Nausea violent with strong jaws. Bilious vomiting. Contractions in the stomach,
as if something alive moving. Feeling of emptiness or fermentation in the
stomach. Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.
11 - () Dull pain in the right upper quadrant, with huge, painful liver.
Biliary colic, gallstone or not. Hypertrophied liver, with jaundice and constipation, stools and dark urine discolored, almost black. Chronic jaundice or reappear every summer. Jaundice with suppression of menses. Umbilical pain. Feel like a thread that surrounds the gut, which then tightens and loosens. Pancreatic disease.
12 - () putty-colored stools or clay in the absence of bile. Liquid Stool first, then more solid, very offensive, carrion, copious, watery,
blackish brown, green or like tar; undigested. Burning and heat in the
anus after defecating.
13 - () Urine contains bile. Urine almost black, very dark, thick, syrupy;
reddish orange or yellow. Glucose in the urine.
14 The temporary carotid and beat hard and fast, during the fever worse. Weak and rapid pulse.
15 lumbosacral pain and weakness, he can barely walk. Pain from the seventh to the tenth dorsal to awaken.
16 - () Cold sweat on the backs of their hands to defecate. Rheumatism painful thumb, ankle and left tarsus. Tired aching in the legs.
17 Evening in sleep. Restless sleep, waking several times with pain.
It feels terrible to wake up in the morning. Sleepy by day.
Chills to 18 noon, running from front to back, needs to be plugged.
No thirst in fever or chills.
19 - () Jaundice. Itching of the skin. Wet skin.