Chloralum. Homeopathy

(Chloral Hydrate)
1 - () Night terrors in children, especially during teething. He jumps out of bed screaming, scared, waking.
2 - () Despair of cured; think you will infect others imaginary illness (syphilis).
3 - () constantly hears voices or sees visions of vaults when this with eyes closed or in darkness. Talks to self or imaginary beings
hurry and excited walking from side to side of the room.
c is hiding.
5 Idiocy, imbecility. Hydrophobia. Coma.
6 - () Worse lying down, and at night, for stimulants, for hot drinks;
after dinner. Better: open air and if you shield (as needed).
7 - () large decrease in blood clotting, the blood does not clot.
Hemorrhage, hemorrhagic diathesis. Anemia and weight loss.
8 Catalepsy. Korea. Epilepsy. Convulsions in children.
9 Cefalcas frontal and occipital, worse from moving or lying down, better
outdoors. Hot band sensation from one temple to another.
10 - () Grand swelling of eyelids, heavy, can hardly see. Conjunctiva injected; conjunctivitis. Itching in the inner corners of eyes and edges of the eyelids. Vision cloudy. Floaters. Go all white. Visual illusions to close my eyes at night. See circles of light. Feel your eyes wide. Burning in the eyes and eyelids. Ulcer of the cornea.
11 - () Neuralgia in the mandible (lower branch of the trigeminal). Ink-black line in the center of the tongue.
12 empty feeling sinking and oppression in the epigastrium.
13 - () biliary colic, by passenger load.
14 - () Colico kidney, passenger load. Enuresis at dawn.
15 Itching and chorea in pregnancy. Prolonged labor. Puerperal convulsions.
16 - () Asthma worse at night, wants to be shielded, breathing to gasping.
Slowed breathing, weak pulse. Laying inspires air through the nose and exhale through the mouth.
Palpitations 17. Cardiac hypertrophy with dilatation. Weakness or paralysis of the heart imminent. Angina pectoris.
Bromhidrosis 18 feet.
19 Insomnia by excessive fatigue. Horrible dreams. Drowsiness.
20 Sensation of heat throughout the body, especially in the face.
21 - () Violent itching throughout the body, such as burning or stinging nettles (Urtica) or as needles, worse at night (not sleep); must scratch until they bleed; worse from alcoholic beverages or hot. Urticaria, worse at night or drinking wine, nodular. Hives that appear suddenly with a shudder, better by heat. Hemorrhagic Purpura. Scaly plaques.
Erythema nodosum. Edema.