Chloramphenicol. Homeopathy. Treatments

Conjunction of symptoms and a toxicological pathogenesis by O. A. Julian in 1970.
1 - () Grand agitation, needing to move around. Restless, with much heat in the body that leads him to move, uncovering needs, getting out of bed and walk.
2 - () Discouraged morning. Apathy and depression, with extreme weakness. You feel sad and hopeless, but improves on rising. Euphoria; after dinner, with dizziness.
3 Delirium. Hallucinations. Mental confusion.
4 - () Pallor. Aplastic anemia. Prolonged bleeding tendency.
5 - () Statements of pronounced fatigue, or collapse with cyanosis. Hypothermia.
6 Worst: after meals. Better: the pressure of the hands with the head high. Right side dominant.
Desire and aversion of chloramphenicol
7 - () Aversion to sugar and sweets. Thirst for large quantities of liquid, especially beer.
8 - () recurrent headache with hammering on the vertex and sides of the head, TER by the pressure of your hands and hold our heads high. Throbbing headache that wakes from 2 to 5 am. Prolonged attacks of vertigo. The black hair seems to grow more.
Optic neuritis 9. Paresis of accommodation.
10 cochlear hearing disorders.
Epistaxis 11.
12 Languages black, hairy. Stomatitis. Glossitis. Dry mouth, foul breath and bitter taste. Swollen lips. Bleeding gums.
13 Throat red, with dysphagia.
14 - () Anorexia, nausea, vomiting. Hunger with gastric emptying after noon and around 17 hours, or causing gastralgia the morning, especially from 11 to 12 hours. Hematemesis. Gastric sense of well being.
15 diffuse abdominal pain, intestinal cramps at night.
16 - () Constipation with vomiting and stomach upsets. Choleraic syndrome.
Diarrhea with cramps, after eating sweet cakes, with great urgency and tenesmus (not relieved by defecation), with cramp-like pains in the epigastrium, the stools are watery, dark and scanty, foul smelling and soft. Burning anal.
17 left renal colic. Dysuria. Frequency. Hematuria.
18 Vulvovaginitis.
19 - () Dyspnea without cause, in whistling, which remain unchanged by the change of position. Copious axillary sweat.
Vascular hypertrophy with 20 hits of Hypertension. Tachycardia, which is unchanged by changes in position.
21 - () pain in the left side of the back. Pain in the lumbar spine and sacroiliac, or right, going to the back right side and located between the shoulder blades.
22 - () Pain in the patella. Polyneuritic pains in the limbs.
23 Major drowsiness after meals and at 17 hours.
24 between 38th and 40th Foot.
25 - () Jaundice. Macular erythema, papules or vesicles. Scarlet rash. Quincke's edema, with fever.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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