Chlorine (chlorine). Homeopathy

MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Chlorine
1 - () Fear of going crazy; of disease. Want to escape during the fever.
2 Can not remember the names of the people she sees, or see the names,
reminds those who are not. See fantastic images that appear and disappear abruptly.
3 Lack of confidence in himself, in his ability. Want to hide.
4 Restlessness, worse walking.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Chlorine
5 - () thinning fast.
6 Worst: at night, lying, humid air. Better: open air.
7 hot sweat on the forehead when coughing. Pain in the vertex, with a tendency to lie.
8 - () Watering outdoors. Eyes fixed, glassy.
9 - () coryza with headache. Sneezing violent morning. Dirty or smoky nostrils. Brusco nasal drip corrosive, with watering and dry mouth. Anosmia.
10 - () Face swollen, bloated, with protruding eyes. Face pale, gray,
ash; bluish, greenish. Lips black or brown.
11 - () Tongue black, as if burned. Putrid breath. Saliva acid. Canker.
Teeth black, brown, dirty. Seizures leaving canines. Dry throat, choking, can not swallow.
12 Heartburn, nausea, coughing.
13 Diarrhea morning. Bleeding from the rectum in typhoid, black blood,
or coagulated liquid, smelling of carrion.
With 14 impotence sudden aversion to sex. Alkaline urine.
15 - () The main symptom of this drug is spasm of the larynx,
with sensation of constriction and suffocation, worse sleep or breathe (Chelid.) from 0 to 7 hours; to examine her throat 0 open mouth when coughing. False croup. Irritation of the airways. Afonia humid air.
16 - () Dyspnea sudden spasm of the vocal cords, eyes fixed
protrusions, facial cyanosis, weak pulse and cold sweats. Dyspnea with inspiration free and easy, but very difficult expiration, you can not eject the inspired air (Sambucus), spasmodic, worse in a warm room. Rales long, loud whistling. Difficult expectoration; Chlorine facilitates it. Emphysema. Pneumonia, bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis. Cough with hemoptysis and pleuritic pain. Desire for laryngeal and cough from tickling feeling raw. Heat in respiratory organs. Sensation as if a pneumothorax at the base of the right lung, as if the air escaped into the pleural cavity of each inspiration.
17 - () Chills 10 to 14 hours. Fever with dry heat, burning. Continuous fever with petechiae. Tifies form of measles and scarlet fever, with cold sweats and gooey. Typhoid. Typhus.
18 Skin very sensitive, dry, yellow, wrinkled. Goose bumps. Hives. Anthrax.