Chromicum acid. Homeopathy

(Chromic acid)
Acidum CHROMICUM mental symptoms
1 Confusion. Not sure how to do some letters of the alphabet.
2 - () The symptoms come and go suddenly, and return periodically.
3 Down: due to less air flow, for cold water, night and early morning, 2 to 6 hours left side (pain).
4 Downloads offensive.
5 Dizziness when descending stairs. Fullness in the head with emptiness.
6 Pain in the left eye with tearing. Itching in the inner corners of eyes. Cutting pains.
7 Sense of water in the right ear, which appears and disappears suddenly.
8 - () Smell musty, fetid, in nares, to exhale, after dinner. Ozena.
Ulcers and crusts on the nose. Retronasal tumors.
9 - () Red face when coughing. Heat in the face at 10 hours. Quivering lower lip.
10 - () Toothache extended to the ears, in fits sudden, worse at night and cold water. Teeth feel too long.
11 metallic taste before dinner. Ranula periodically. Phlegm in throat
with a tendency to swallow. Morning hoarseness. Diphtheria.
12 Vomiting breakfast. Vomiting food, bile and blood. Excessive hunger at noon. Belching foul. Nausea better walking.
13 pain on the right upper quadrant on waking in the morning.
Flatulence; rumbling.
F 14 watery diarrhea with nausea and dizziness. Rectal fullness. Difficult defecation, even loose stools. Lumpy stools, mucous membranes. Hemorrhoidal copious discharge of blood.
15 - () fetid lochia.
16 - () laryngeal tuberculosis, with very red face when coughing. It gobbles up the expectoration. Edema of glottis. Pains in the upper thorax
left with deep cough.
17 Angina pectoris; wakes him at night. Fixed pain in the tip of
heart. Sudden spike.
18 There can move the head back and left. Cold in the back at 10 hours. Pain in the inner corner of left shoulder blade, extended to the occipital region, and pelvis. Burning pain in the spine. Low back pain worse tomorrow in bed. Back pain between the shoulders.
19 Rheumatic pains in his right shoulder. Axillary itching at night. Pain in the elbows of tomorrow. Pain in the femur, extending to the left hip joint. Pains in the knees are weak and collide. Drawing pain in the soles of the feet, walking.