Cimex. Homeopathy

(Cimex lectularius - Bedbug)
1 - () Anxiety during the chill or after drinking.
2 Aversion or disgust at their own sweat.
3 Violent rage (and flexion of hands) to begin the chills, wants to break everything.
4 - () Pain in all joints, as if the tendons (especially
of the flexor muscles) were contracted and were too short.
Every movement produces pain or stretch as tight. Contractures worse during the chills in the fingers, abductors of the thigh and popliteal fossa, can not extend the legs. This as hunched himself.
5 - () aggravation of his symptoms over the chills and drink for them, especially headache, cough, anxiety, choking, stopped breathing, breathlessness, chest operesion, fall asleep and toes,
articualares pains, muscle spasms.
6 - () Tendency to stretch; this as tired, wanting to sleep.
7 Worse from motion; by stretch, sitting.
Right side 8.
9 Violent headache during the chills, worse for drink. Feel needle punctures in the crown volume coughing. Sweating. Right frontal pain.
10 - () Nostrils dry. Coryza with secretion and pressure in the sinuses.
Sneezing in the morning before noon.
11 - () sense of having burned their mouth, gums, tongue and palate. Tongue white, with bloating. Throat dry. Constriction of the esophagus.
12 - () Belching acids. Vomits food the day before. Painful hiccups.
13 - () liver pain by touching or coughing. Co1ico with flatulence or diarrhea.
Chronic liver disorders. Bellyache better flatus.
14 - () Stool like dog, dry, hard, into balls, especially malaria. Hemorrhoids.
15 - () morning erections.
Vaginal pain 16 that extends upward to the left ovary.
17 - () Urine brown with sediment (during fever by drinking).
18 - () Cough with retching. Oppression during chill; later, heaviness and anxiety. Retrosternal pain.
19 - () sit back pain worse.
20 - () is sleeping hands, fingers and feet during the chills. Heaviness in the lower limbs in the legs, before the chills. Joint pain during the chills. Cold knees, as if a cold wind blew them. Muscle spasms in the limbs during the chills, of the fingers, before, in hamstring and the popliteal fossa during the chills, legs bent, can not extend them, wants to stretch, stretch, but has a sore thigh. At the end of the chills, fatigue in the legs, you need to constantly change his position, the better the fever starts.
21 Great drowsiness, falls asleep sitting in the morning. Irresistible sleepiness during the chills, with yawning and cold on the skin.
22 - () Malaria: ague; tertian. Sed before the chills. At first, rabies (see 3). During the cold sweat: joint pain, feeling short tendons, knees very contracted, and so on. (See 20), oppression and dyspnea (see 18), somnolence (see 21). At the end of tiredness in the legs, etc.. (see 20). After the chills, there is thirst, and drinking, there are a number of disorders (see 5). The chills are worse lying down.
No thirst during fever. Sweats especially on the head and thorax,
hungry. Sour or musty smell of sweat.