Cimicifuga. Homeopathy

CIMICIFUGA (Actaea racemosa)
1 - () Sensation as if a cloud, thick, heavy black was over her, wrapping his head, so that everything is dark and confused, sad,
especially during menopause, menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Embarrassed and upset, she sighs. Thoughts of suicide.
2 - () is afraid of everything, death and above all, of going mad, by the incoherence of thoughts flowing through his brain constantly overexcited. Fear of riding in a closed car, of being forced to jump from it. Exaggerated fear the next match, with sadness, fear of insanity, pain under left breast and uterus. Fear of imminent harm.
3 - () Delirium with mydriasis, mumbles constantly, and has visions of rats, mice, demons, sheep in bed. I think people are rats, insects, etc.. Madness. Puerperal mania, thinks he is going crazy, try to hurt or afraid to be alone for fear of injury. Delirium tremens
afraid to be killed.
4 - () Talkative incessant. Talk endlessly about this and the other, in a manner inconsistent and confusing. Moves from one topic to another without ceasing (Lachesis). Sometimes I do not want to answer.
5 - () happening or mental symptoms alternating with rheumatic symptoms or neuralgia. When the patient suffers physically, improves your mental balance.
6 - () Illusion of a mouse running under your chair.
7 - () Disorders: by unrequited love, for business failures, by emotions, from fright (abortion). Feeling faint epigastric to meet a friend.
8 unjustified distrust of everything, even medicine.
9 Forgetful, can not find the right word when speaking.
10 Regardless, taciturn, has no interest in household chores.
11 Irritated at the slightest provocation. Impatient, restless, can only read a few minutes, get up and walk, but soon tires. Nervousness, anxiety or excessive stress.
12 Cry, burst into tears if questioned.
13 - () worse during menstruation (the more profuse it is, the greater the suffering).
14 - () Dolores as electric shocks or cramping, or gudos, lancinating.
Excessive muscle soreness after dancing or any violent muscular effort. It affects the nerves, especially the muscles. Agitation and pain.
15 - () Korea, worse on the left side to rheumatism. Hysterical seizures. Hysterical or epileptic spasms, reflexes of uterine disease, worse during menstruation.
16 - () Especially useful in rheumatic and hysterical women, its troubles occur or increase during menstruation and menopause. In teething children.
17 - () Worse from cold damp, cold air, by night and morning, sitting, for alcohol. Better: heat, eating, resting, outdoors, by pressure, for smooth and continuous movement.
18 - () Laterality left.
19 - () Severe headache, occipital, extending to vertex, with pressure and throbbing, worse during menstruation and for the slightest sound or movement, better outdoors. Pressing headache outward, or upward in the
Mertex, as if to blow the lid of the skull, worse going upstairs, or to the eye (ciliary neuralgia) or down the spine. Brain feels too big for the skull, with waves of blood to the head after cessation neuralgia. Visits of fainting. Severe pain in right side of the head, behind the orbits. Headache in drinkers and students. Undulating sensation in the brain. Feeling that opens and closes the skull, worse when moving head or rolled his eyes. Sensation as if the shell is opened and stay outdoors. Cerebrospinal meningitis.
20 - () Ciliary neuralgia, with very sharp pains in the eyes, worse at night, by the slightest movement and climbing stairs, better lying down and by pressure; extended to temples, vertex and occiput. Pains over the eyes extended to the occiput or vertex. Mydriasis. Go dark spots. Wild look.
Photophobia to artificial light.
Buzzing 21. Sensitive to the slightest sound. Suda behind the ears.
22 coryza with sneezing and mucus, every inspiration seems to carry cold air to the brain. Greenish nasal secretion.
23 - () wild expression. Face pale with sunken eyes and dark circles. Cold front.
Neuralgia in the molar bone, which disappears at night and reappears the next day.
Frequent heat waves in the face, you need air. Lips dry, cracked.
24 Tongue swollen, pointed and trembling. Bad breath. I have trouble talking and causing cough. Thick saliva.
25 Throat dry, with constant desire to swallow. Dolores night.
26 - () Desire to drink cold water, little by little each time. Belching, nausea, retching, vomiting. Feeling of faintness; in women. Nausea and vomiting pressing the thoracic and cervical spine. Gastralgias gnawing, biting.
27 - () Colicos newspaper, better bending double and after defecating. Soreness of abdominal muscles. Sharp pains through the hypogastric.
28 Alternating diarrhea and constipation. Frequent stools, liquid, dark, offensive.
Frequent urination 29. Pressure in the kidney area and coccyx.
30 - () Menses irregular, copious or scanty, black clots, always stressful and very painful. The more plentiful the menses, are more violent pains. Menses suppressed or delayed by emotions, cold, fever with chorea, hysteria or mania. Mental symptoms are aggravated during menstruation. Darting spasmodic pains in uterine region, spanning the hypogastric from side to side, worse on the left.
Left ovary very painful. Flow heavily into the uterus. During pregnancy, tendency to abort the third month, nausea, insomnia false labor pains, sharp pains running through the abdomen. During labor, "shudders" at the first stage; seizures nervous excitement; stiff neck orifice; severe labor pains, spasmodic, exhausting, causing fainting, or weak, are ceasing to be ineffective, worse sound. In the postpartum period: Germany; wrongs worse in English; lochia suppressed. When given Cimicifuga in the last month of pregnancy, childbirth and facilitates lcorta prevents the wrongs and gives live fetuses in women in whom prior stillbirths (as from 2 months before delivery), all this provided that the symptoms correspond ( Caulophyllum, Pulsatilla). Pain under left breast, worse during menstruation, menopause and pregnancy, radiating to left arm, with pain in left ovary. Burning in the breasts. Prolapsed uterus during menstruation. Menorrhagia with sore hips down.
31 - () Night cough, dry, short, constant, worse from talking. Tickling in throat with cough. Pains in the left side of the chest, worse from motion, they do scream. Pleurodynia. Dolores from side to side.
32 - () The action of the heart suddenly stops; imminent suffocation, palpitation from least motion. Heart diseases reflex originating in the uterus or ovary. Corazon nervous. Angina pectoris with pain radiating throughout the chest, with pain and numbness in the left arm, which feels as tied to the body. Irregular, slow, trembling.
33 - () Rheumatic pains in the muscles of the neck and back, with violent pains stiffness, tension and spasmodic contractions, worse on the left, the head is directed backward, can not rotate. Pain in dorsal region, worse bending forward. Stiff neck from cold air, even shaking hands. Tenderness of the spinous processes of the first three dorsal vertebrae and cervical spine, worse fatigue, typing, playing piano, sewing, knitting, etc.., The slightest pressure causes a sharp pain and even vomiting. Drawing pains cervical, thoracic and between the shoulder blades, worse bending forward, in the spine. Violent pains, with heaviness in the lumbar region
sacrum and coccyx, which go to the hips and thighs. Cracking in the back.
34 - () muscular rheumatism with shooting pains, cramps or tenderness.
Stiffness and pain in the Achilles tendon, worse walking. Irregular movements and constant in the left arm. Tremors in fingers, but to write. Rheumatic joint pains, with heat and swelling. Tremor in the legs, can hardly walk. Cold sweat on his hands. Exacerbations of chronic rheumatism alternating with diarrhea.
35 insomnia obstinate lot of position changes, with shocks in the side on which you are lying down. The dream did not rest. On waking, this hard, rigid.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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