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CINA (Seeds of Artemisia Maritima Semen Contra)
1 - () The child is very irritable, moody, pierced, stubborn. Scream, throw what you have on hand. Calls or want things, with great concern and when they occur or has rejected them, throws; not know what they want. There is no more despicable child. Always unhappy, nothing pleases him long.
Unbearable, always a bad mood, not bear to be contradicted.
2 - () The child can not bear to be touched or to be approached or petted him (it is insensitive to petting) or to be looked at (because it is sensitive to touch, Chamomilla is rather mental resentment). It is worse if you scold or punish (convulsions).
3 - () if you are crying lastimerantente in arms, but hopes that rise up, because their concern is calm. Want them to jump on my knees day and night. He sleeps only hammock with violence and without stopping. Cry if it is not his will. Grieving also coughing and later, the child is afraid to speak or move for fear of waking a coughing fit.
4 - () Night terrors: the child cries asleep, wakes up frightened, crying, shaking and can not be reassured, not tolerate petting, is very irritable and wants to be a hammock. Violent attacks cries at night, this bed and hits and kicks with hands and feet. The child wakes before midnight in fear or fright, jumps, sees visions, terrifying screams, shakes and talks about it with great anxiety.
5 - () is offended by the slightest movement very likely, does not accept jokes.
6 - () The child does not want to play. Want to stand still in the dark.
7 Great anxiety when walking outdoors or on waking.
8 Feelings of guilt, as if had done any damage.
9 - () One of the main and most commonly used drugs, almost "routinely" in intestinal helminth infections, and indications arise with great frequency by the remarkable similarity of the pathogenetic symptoms produced by these parasites, beginning with the mental picture (see 1 to 4) and followed by nasal itching and anal (with a desire to rub and scratch continuously), restless sleep with gnashing teeth, canine hunger, spasms and convulsions, and so on. Not only brings death and expulsion of parasites, particularly Ascaris lumbricoides and oxiurus vermicularis, but it eases the symptoms and eliminates caused by them. Many authors recommend a single dose given to the 200th as the most effective or higher.
10 - () Seizures in children who are the parasites most common cause (see 9), the dentition, anger, fever, penalties, etc.., Which are located especially in the extensor muscles, by getting suddenly rigid, but in the lower limbs, back bending backward,
but often persisting awareness, and vecescon fall. Korea parasitosis. Epilepsy night.
11 - () Worse by parasites (see 9), at night, staring at an object by external pressure, the sun in summer, by yawning, by the slightest contact, for free or cold air, by water cold. Better: lying on his belly, by motion, for wiping his eyes.
12 - () Laterality left.
13 children with dark hair, or big, pink, fat.
14 Pains as strokes.
Desire and aversion OF CHINA
15 - () like sweets, bread. Aversion to breast milk (baby).
16 - () Numbness with pressure, like a stone hanging over his head,
worse walking in open air. The head falls to one side and is rocked backward, with shaking limbs. Headache worse from reading, thinking and push, rather stooping. Headache before and after an epileptic seizure.
Cold sweat on head. Turn or move the head from side to side or front to back. The child will not tolerate head brush or comb it.
17 - () Pain in the eyes stare, or read or sew by artificial light; asthenopia (Map, Nat_M.) Defective accommodation. Sickly around the eyes. Optical illusions in bright colors: blue, yellow, green or violet. Everything looks yellow. Photophobia. Sensation of sand in the eyes. If stares, looks cloudy, wiping her eyes better. Confusion visual reading, going off on rubbing your eyes. Convulsive movements of the eyebrows.
Strabismus. Mydriasis.
18 - () The child puts his fingers in the ears; scratches.
19 - () constant and severe nasal itching, rubs his nose constantly, or rubbed on the pillow or on the shoulder of the caregiver, it scratches, puts his fingers in the nose, pinch it, it is bled; especially in brain diseases and parasitosis. Epistaxis. Violent sneezing with bursting sensation in the chest and pressure at the temples. Coryza with obstruction secretion at noon and dusk. It burns the nose.
20 - () pale face (especially during the chills and fever), sickly, earthy, with dark circles blue. Cyanosis or paleness around the mouth and nose. One side of the face is red and the other pale or alternatively the face is pale and cold or hot red. Face burning red, sometimes circumscribed to the cheeks, on awakening. Face cold with cold sweats, worse during the chills. Cramping pains in the back teeth, worse from touch and pressure. Supra-and infraorbital neuralgia.
21 - () Grinds teeth sleeping. Toothache by air or cold drinks.
22 - () Mouthfeel of dryness and roughness, but on the palate. The bread tastes bitter. He swallowed hard, especially liquids, with a gurgling noise or clucking going down the esophagus, cough worse after or before or during seizures. Swallows often worse after coughing.
Sensation of ball rising in throat.
23 - () Hunger exaggerated, voracious, insatiable (bulimia), even very soon after eating or vomiting once or unusual times or before or during an intermittent fever or chills before. Ravenous hunger with great emaciation. Hunger at night in children. Alterna anorexia bulimia.
Vomiting or diarrhea from eating or drinking right away. Bilious vomiting, mucous or roundworms or oxiurus. Vomiting during fever, with clean tongue. Hiccups.
24 - () Colicos; punctures periumbilical, better by pressure. Umbilicus very * ensible to touch. Cramping pains, as if the menses come. Unpleasant sensation of heat in the stomach, which is bulky and hard on children. Emptiness.
25 - () intense anal itching. Download parasites through the anus. Diarrhea in intermittent fever. Bilious diarrhea or whitish, watery unlike the green of Cham. Loose stools involuntary. Diarrhea from drinking.
26 - () Enuresis in the first dream. Urine becomes milky or cloudy semisolid and quickly.
27 Menses early and copious. Metrorrhagia.
28 - () The inspiration is divided or broken into two parts. Wheezing or gasping, short, interrupted. Abundant mucus in the larynx and trachea, with continuous hawking. Cough in spring and autumn. Suffocative cough after rising in the morning, worse on deep inspiration, with choking. The child cries and gets ragido before and during coughing and sometimes lose consciousness. Tearing by the cough. Sternal pain from coughing. The coughing ends in a spasm. Cough with sneezing. Pertussis in violent attacks by tickling in the throat as a feather, with epistaxis and big facial pallor, worse morning and evening, better at night, worse from drinking, walking and outdoor, by pressing the larynx (which also it causes dyspnea), lying on the right side in the air and on waking. Spasmodic asthma, with the feeling that the sternum was very near the back, making it difficult breathing, and sweating with anxiety. Stitches and chest pains.
29 Pain as if beaten in the lumbar region, worse from motion. Tearing pains in the spine.
30 - () Shocks in the States; contortions, the child pulls her arms from one place to another and stretched his feet spasmodically. The left foot is constantly moving. Twitching and shaking of hands and fingers. Inward sudden lurch of the fingers of his right hand. Stiffness of the limbs before coughing and during seizures. Weakness in hands, things escape him. Sense of sprain or dislocation in the wrist. Cramping pains in the legs. Twitching and jerking of the feet.
31 - () The child sleeps on his stomach or on all fours, on hands and knees (Med). Frequent yawning, twitching, shaking and shivering, and during the chills. Insomnia in children, with agitation, crying, screaming, heat and anguish. He wakes up in the morning with a jolt, restless and whiny. Restless sleep.
32 - () Chills with shivering even near the stove or fire, with thirst, worse at night. Daily or tertian malarial fever, with bulimia, nausea, diarrhea, mydriasis and weight loss. High fever with delirium, agitation, face red and hot, without thirst. Fever with clean tongue
daily at the same time. Chills going up the trunk to the head, face cold and hands warm. Headache after the fever. Vomiting food and munchies after sweating. Cold sweat on the forehead, nose and hands.
Calcarea Carbonica.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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