Cinchoninum sulph. Homeopathy

(Cinchonine sulphate; Acaloide of Qinina)
1 - () Periodicity marked
2 Worse after eating and movement.
3 - () Headache upon awakening blast. Heat in the head with cold extremities. Pain in the frontal lobe, compressed com if a network throughout the brain.
Hair loss. Tension in the scalp, with doloriiento in the roots of hair. Inability to stand with head symptoms.
4 Go all dark (on access), worst visual strain.
5 - () Noises, ringing in the ears, with deafness, worse at night.
6 Epistaxis sudden bright red blood, sitting.
7 Ptyalism worse before noon. Pasty taste.
8 - () Sensacion throat had been burned with a hot drink.
Fine needle punctures in the throat when swallowing. Painful stiffness of the neck.
9 - () Burning sudden stomach. Epigastric pain, worse pressure. Great heat in the stomach, with burning thirst. Feels cold in the stomach, fullness, pressure, heartbeat.
10 Cutting anal, extended to the umbilicus. Pasty diarrhea. Sphincter relaxed sensation. Constipation with rare and hard stools, with tenesmus.
11 - () Burning in urethra after urination. Excessive urge to urinate.
Urine sediment thick greenish brown or dark red or yellowish red or white. Iridescent film on the urine. Chronic nephritis.
12 great sexual excitement painful erections night (wet dreams).
13 Menses early and copious.
14 - () Empty sensation and distention in the chest, with easier breathing.
Pressing pain below the sternum. Stitches in the chest, better standing or sitting, lying down and coughing worse.
15 - () pressure pain in the first dorsal vertebra. Tremors in the limbs. Pains in the limbs, as if bruised. Acute articular rheumatism. Drop.
16 Somnolence. Dreams.
17 - () shakes chills of 10 to 12 hours. Great heat in the body, skin hot and dry, and turgid veins. Sweating at night with excessive thirst. Sweating at night between the shoulders, followed by itching.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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