Cinnabaris, Cinnamomum, Cistus canadensis, Clematis, Cobalt Gluconicum, Coccus cacti, Cocculus. Homeopathy

Cinnabar (vermilion)
Poli sinusitis with smelly secretions. Otitis externa. Pain in and around the eyeballs.

Cinnamomum (cinnamon)
Hemorrhage. Hemorrhagic diathesis.

Cistus canadensis (Canadian cross jara)
Pharyngitis dry. Tonsillitis. Sensitivity to cold and strong cooling trend.

Clematis (Clematide)
Vesicular eczema with severe itching. Urethral stricture. Prostatis. And hyperplastic lymph node swelling lasts.

Gluconicum Cobalt (Cobalt gluconate)
Especially as a component of vitamin B12. Anti-anemic.

Coccus cacti (cochineal)
Pertussis. Bronchitis with spasmodic cough (mucus viscous and stringy). Renal colic. Cistiopieletis cronica.

Cocculus (Cocula)
States of weakness and exhaustion after a hard work. Cerebrastenia (mental deficiency). Nausea and vertigo (motion sickness). Great sense of emptiness. Nausea and vomiting at the smell of food

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