Cinnabaris. Homeopathy

(Cinnabar - mercury sulfide)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Cinnabaris

1 Indolence, with indisposition for mental work. Feel fullness in the head for work.

2 Want to be alone. It is easily irritable

3 Forgetful, forgets things he's done.

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Cinnabaris
4 - () is an anti-syphilitic and antisycotico simultaneously, which is manifested in the form of primary syphilitic lesions (see 19) and secondary (see 26) and across multiple growths in the form of warts (see 19) and warts ( see 26) included in their symptomatology.

5 - () Pressing pains in the bones of the skull, nose or members with hypersensitivity to the slightest touch (Hep.S.)

6 - () Deep red color (the color of the drug) of all injuries,
inflammatory or not.

7 - () Worse in summer, at night, walking; by changes of time lying on the right (feels that the entire contents of the body goes to that side) after sleep by the light from the contact; by moisture. Better:
the open air at rest, after dinner, the sun.

8 - () fatigue, prostration before eating, which improves the outdoors.
Bleeding 9.

SPECIFIC Cinnabaris
10 - () Violent headache, can not lift his head from the pillow, better by pressure. Dizziness upon arising in the morning, crouched, with nausea.
Sanguineous congestion of the head, but in the vertex, worse after eating.
Frontal headache on the vertex and waking in the morning, worse lying on the left and back, best to turn around to the right or up.
Painful sensitiveness of scalp and hair to be touched.

11 - () Sharp, severe, in the bones of the orbit, worse in the
tear duct, with intense red eyes. Periocular pain ranging from inner to outer corner, or the temples of the eyebrows or ears. Neuralgia. Syphilitic iritis. Keratitis. Inflamed eyes, sore, with tears to stare. Stitching pain in the hole lagrirnal the upper eyelid. Eyelids red and granular.

Ringing in the ears 12 with a swollen face, after eating. Scaly eruption of the right ear, with itching.

13 - () Pressing pains in the back of the nose, as if heavy glasses places at the root of the nose, with irradiation to the bones of the face, thick mucus and often epistaxis. Headache with epistaxis. Violent coryza with burning liquid secretion. Sensation of something metallic and cold in root goes nose. Epistaxis, nasal itching to blow. Postnasal drip sticky nasopharyngeal catarrh.

14 Face hot, swollen, but around the eyes. Cornisuras lip cracked hurt. Purple red face.

15 Language White morning. Ulcers on the tongue tip and edges. Sialorrhea; frothy saliva. Putrid or bitter taste of tomorrow. Dry mouth and throat.
Contraction in the throat when swallowing. Swollen and dry throat with swollen tonsils. Ulcerations.

16 - () Appetite increased. Heat in the stomach at night. Gastric pain. Nausea with regurgitation aqueous best burping.

17 - () Heat in the stomach, with great flatulence. Soft stools, bloody or greenish, preceded by pinching in the belly. Tingling anal. Perianal Granites with burning and itching. Rectal prolapse on defecation.
Red spots. Anal condylomas.

18 urethral pain on urination; wakes him at night. Urine watery, frequent and copious night.

19 - () Foreskin very red. Violent itching on the glans and foreskin.
Swelling of the penis, glans and prepuce; suppuration under the foreskin. Condylomata or growths on the genitals, foul, and bleed when touched, in the fan-shaped penis, wet, burn, itch and bleed, in the glans, the foreskin; on the frenum. Syphilitic chancre on the penis, glans and foreskin, hard, high, very red, with lymphadenopathy (buboes) groin. Chronic gonorrhea with green or yellow discharge. Induration of testes.
Bright red dots on glans. Great erections intense sexual excitement, with great thirst and appetite. Foul and corrosive sweat between the scrotum and thighs, walking. Phimosis; with suppuration.

20 Flow bloody, copious, purulent or yellow, with sensation of heaviness in the vagina. False labor pains.

Syphilis 21 laryngeal, hoarseness in the evening. Dyspnea. Dry cough from tickling, worse lying down, better when he stood up. Tightness in the chest, the better the stretch.
Throbbing pain in the chest, but when walking.

22 Pain from the neck to the occiput to direct the head backward.
Pain in the cervical vertebrae. Contracture of the neck muscles.
Back pain by deep inspiration.

23 - () pain in the left shoulder. Pain in right arm as if to break. Tearing in the arms to write better by local heat. They sleep and Menque left forearm. Joints of the fingers, red. Tearing in the legs. Pain in the Achilles tendon, worse when walking. Exostoses and nodules on the shins. Thigh pain, worse at night. Violent itching on the inside of the lower limbs, but joints, worse at night. Profuse sweating,
offensive, between the thighs, walking. Rheumatic pain in right knee
worst mining and ascending, better at rest. Rheumatic pain in the long bones, worse by lowering the pressure in the joints atmosferica.Frio. Cold feet.

24 daytime sleepiness, insomnia at night. Insomnia by large influx of changing thoughts. Insomnia nightclub that does not cause fatigue. Speak sleeping. Nightmares after midnight.

25 Chills in a warm room. Suda more at noon.

26 - () Itching in various parts of the body. Red. Red papules without pruritus. Syphilid squamous yvesiculares. Ulcers very red; gangrenous.
Syphilitic chancre. Condylomata. Deep red color of the bumps, warts and warts, itching or severe itching, bleeding, burn-in fan, syphilitic.

Syphillinum. Thuya.

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