Cinnamomum. Homeopathy

(Ceylon Cinnamon)
1 - () attacks of hysteria, with great astonishment, that appear to speak and improve to burp or vomit, but soon reappear with great anxiety, chest tightness, loss of pulse, unresponsiveness. Hallucinations.
2 - () Hemorrhage of bright red blood and clear, that appears or is exacerbated by any physical effort or movement. Epistaxis, and meno metrorrhagia,
melena, bleeding postpartum or pregnancy or uterine cancer.
3 - () Worse by physical exercises, by the slightest movement or giving a false step; traveling in a vehicle, for talking; in the afternoon and evening,
until midnight. Better-for repose and after breakfast.
4 - () Weakness and numbness around the left side.
Laterality 5 left.
6 Cancer in pain and stench, best if the skin is intact.
7 Pain in bones and muscles.
8 - () Epistaxis of bright red blood, worse from the slightest exertion or fatigue,
better on bedrest (Millefolium). Nasal itching.
9 - () Sense of hemiatrophy of the face, better after eating.
10 Dry mouth, without thirst. Language painful as raw.
Nausea 11 traveling in a vehicle, with vomiting of mucus.
12 - () Constipation with hard stool like marbles. Diarrhea from drinking.
Intestinal blood Bleeding clear, bright red, after a small effort, worse by motion.
13 - () Menses early, abundant and long, bright red blood, with sensation of pressure down (Sepia). Repeated small hemorrhage in pregnancy and puerperium, appearing for the least effort or a false step. Chronic metrorrhagia. Postpartum metrorrhagia liquid blood and pale. Chronic flow.
14 - () bright red blood hemoptysis, worse at less fatigue, better on bedrest.
r5 Sense of shortening of the left leg. The fingers seem swollen.
16 Somnolence.