Clay or mud. Several poultices

We will discuss:
Properties of earth or clay
Ways to use clay. External use
Internal use of clay

Properties of earth or clay

The land can create as we eat, you can create what we drink, even what we breathe through the vegetation that gives birth. The land transforms everything, everything absorbs and purifies everything. The earth is the mysterious laboratory of life. And the clay is, if we take into domestic use, dissolved in water, this always goes to the point or place where the evil. Professor Mantovani said after multiple investigations. He said: "When we say that clay is radioactive, we understand that by its power of absorption has captured the sun radioactivity, magnetism, electricity, energy, etc., or water and air, and can therefore radiate on the diseased organ conveying strength and vitality.

While the clay absorbs bad sheds on the sick, and especially the body, its power of positive vibrations. "While the clay kills pathogens, strengthens the tissues, which is an advantage no price on most of antiseptics, antibiotics or drugs that are commonly used in the medical system. unappealably earth healing takes first place and aligned primarily with health workers, eg water, sun, air, plants.

Ways to use clay. External use.

There are usually two ways to use the land, mud or clay, namely external and internal use. Let's talk first external use. The different ways of applying it in external use are: Poultices of mud or clay wraps, bandages and compresses, bath water or mud clay; humentaciones Frictions with water or clay, and buried in sand soil beds. Besides all this we must bear in mind that clay can also be combined with other products like honey, milk, cabbage, tomato, garlic, etc, etc. making poultices.

The internal use of clay
The internal use of clay is desirable in diseases that are caused by lack of mineral salts Regarding how clay should be given drink is important to note that the average daily dose should be one teaspoon of coffee per day, and half a teaspoon under 10 years. There should always be diluted in cold, either natural juice or water and should drink one hour before meals or 2 to 3 hours after eating. However, we never lose sight of the ideal point, is that true science is not the solution for one thing, but in the whole of nature, "Health Sciences".

Poultice of clay: Mix the soil or clay (clean of stones) with cold water in a glass container, or mud, or wood to form a thick paste or ointment. It extends it on a cloth or canvas to form a plaster the size of all the belly (or area in question) of an inch thick. It is applied to the desired area, keeping the mud in contact with skin, cover with dry towel or coarse linen or wool. Fajándolo and adjusting appropriately for the poultice does not slip.

Wraps, bandages and compresses

They consist of a cloth or towel soaked in water clay. The application of these wrappers and use is similar to that of poultices, but are often used in a few serious cases or in young children, frail or elderly.

Water Baths clay or mud

For all types of skin disease, generalized inflammation of the nervous system and often use these clay baths and mud. They are used, as derived from his name by immersing the subject or the body part in water or liquid vegetable mixed with clay, such as juices, teas, etc..

Humentaciones friction with water or clay

Especially for rheumatic diseases, nerve or skin are often used these frictions or clay masks.

Buried in sand

These are applications with a benefit similar to the baths of clay or mud. Especially indicated for people very nervous. The duration of burial in sand or wet clay can be 15 to 30 minutes or up to 1 hour if the person is accustomed.

Ground Bed

Sleeping on the ground or resting on it is the ideal that every human being should do throughout their lives to basically maintain their electrical balance, nervous and physiological.

All the above applications must be adequately individualized to each person recommended by the instructor or teacher naturist Health Sciences.

It is important to highlight the fact that in preparing the poultices can be used in combination with clay all kinds of medicinal teas, juices and natural therapeutic substances such as honey, milk, oil, etc.. And so we got together the power of the clay with the healing properties with the substance we use to make the mixture. Now let's give some examples of clay poultices combined with other elements.

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