The cleaning of the gallbladder and liver. Method: Andreas Moritz

One of our readers recommended in a comment made in our article on the gallbladder that can do a thorough cleaning of the gallbladder and liver using the method of Moritz Andreas without having to undergo surgery.

Based on the method explained in his book "Clean Liver & Gallbladder" let's explain what this method in case any of our readers have a need to be cleaned of the gallbladder.

Method: Andreas Moritz
Supplements and foods that need them for cleaning.
* Apple juice: at least 6 liters.
* Olive oil: 125 ml.
* Epson Salts
* Grapefruit juice (just over half a glass)
* Make two bowel enemas.

Preparation of Epson salts
Dissolve in a jar with the contents of 3 cups water 4 tablespoons of Epson salts. After the contents of the jar is divided into four parts (the 4 cups of water with salts to be taken).

How do the enema
With a knob:
You can buy a bulb that you sold in the pharmacy. Cannula is smeared with a little olive oil and the anus and enters the warm water of the knob on the right. This can be done three times and then evacuated with the stool that has accumulated.

This method is better because its effect is deeper. You buy an irrigator with a 2-liter of water at the pharmacy. It is filled with 1 ½ liters of warm water and as with the knob is smeared with oil and the tube and enters the rectum. Opened the stopcock and allowed to enter the water. When irrigating and empty all the water is introduced into the colon is expected that all the time so that water can do its work and accumulated soften stools and cleaning. It drains all the water (do not confuse the straight cannula with the cannula of douche for women that comes with the enema).

Cleaning procedure of the gallbladder and liver
Before you clean the day we deemed most appropriate, is recommended to prepare for 6 days to conduct this cleanup.

During 6 days prior to cleaning is recommended to bring a vegetarian diet without milk and eating fried or in a special way many apples. In addition, take each day at least a liter of apple juice (you can buy at any retailer. As if organically grown).

Reason: The malic acid in apples soften gall stones thus allowing the removal of gallstones is done smoothly without the typical aches biliary colic resulting from having to pass these stones through the bile ducts. The stones become malleable and can be adapted to the biliary tract, facilitating their expulsion.

The sixth day
Having followed the above recommendations will be made when you start cleaning the gallbladder.

14: 00 pm. Last meal of the day. We recommend taking a plate of rice. From the night before is essential not to take anything from fats or oils to stimulate the gallbladder no evacuation of bile and let this be the night of the sixth day when the stimulation occurs with the elimination of accumulated bile the day before and the stones in the gallbladder.

18:00. This day, after making a light meal and have taken a liter of apple juice will wait until 18:00 to catch the first cup of Epson salts.

Reason: The Epson salts are laxative and dilate the bile ducts, which will facilitate the removal of the stones or gall stones.

20:00. It takes the second cup of Epson salts previously prepared.

21:00. It makes an enema to cleanse the colon following the procedure described above.

Reason: cleaned out the colon so it can be as prepared to receive the discharge of the gall stones that will occur. We may well look better if the cleaning has been better able to view the stones as they are not mixed with feces.

22:00. Take a glass of water half a cup of extra virgin olive oil (cold pressed) with another half a glass of grapefruit juice.

Reason: Olive oil is a lubricant that also stimulates the gallbladder in the elimination of bile to digest the oil. The stimulus facilitates the expulsion of stones or biliary sludge that may be in the gallbladder.

Grapefruit juice allows us to not have nausea when taking the olive oil and it also stimulates the reaction of the gallbladder.

22:00. Just take the oil one goes to bed rest until the next day. At nights they will eat anything but if you can drink all the water that you need.

Just be lying face up about half an hour, slightly built so that the oil does not cause nausea or vomiting. After lying slightly on the right side with two pillows to rest overnight. According to many who have done this type of cure is as unpleasant by the movements of the gallbladder and liver will notice, but without further complications.

Next day
Take it off due to the evacuation to take place of stones (maybe a Sunday).

7:00 AM. Back to take another cup of Epson salts for which we had prepared.

9:00 am. Take the last (4th) glass of salt.

Reason: They turn to dilate the bile ducts to make way for the calculations or gallbladder stones and also cause a mild diarrhea, which will be the cleansing of the gallbladder and liver. There may be 5 to 7 stools with subsequent disposal of the gallbladder.

This day, two hours after the seizure of Epson salts may take some fruit juice. After two hours you can take a piece of fruit. For the noon meal take things light, salads, vegetable soups with oatmeal, etc..

Two days later
Back to make an enema. This is very important to cleanse the colon of toxic waste that have been sitting on it after cleaning the gallbladder and liver. If they were in the colon stones or gallstones could cause appendicitis. So we recommend that if you are not willing to do these two intestinal washes better to do then clean the gallbladder and liver.

This cleaning can replay a month later and do it as often as necessary until there is total elimination and back to normal.

Conclusion on the cleanliness of the gallbladder and liver
There are many testimonies of people who have done this cleansing of the gallbladder and liver with extraordinary results. Of course nobody can be responsible for the results produced and the possible complications that may arise at the individual level as each person is different. Therefore each one must be held accountable for its decision as to whether or not this will clean and take their individual responsibility.

It is essential to follow the protocol as explained here for you no complications or under the supervision of a health professional.

We then link to a blog that can be useful for the photographs of the "rocks" that have been removed following the method of Andreas Moritz and testimonials from people who have done this cleansing of the gallbladder and liver. From SaludBio we thank the author of the blog for their efforts to explain their personal experiences and by their desire to help people recover from a disease that afflicts many people.

I recently had a cleaning person to prove the veracity of these results. I invite you to read my conclusions in the article: My personal experience with Gallbladder Cleanup

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