Clematis erecta. Homeopathy


1 - () is afraid of being alone, wants to have someone with him, but at the same time, the company dislikes, people. Fear the bathroom. Fear of bad luck, misfortunes.

2 - () nostalgia nostalgia disorders.

3 Depressed, not talk. Decreased memory. Indifference, cares nothing and does nothing.

4 - () Disorders gonorrhea recently deleted (rheumatism,
orchitis, urethral stricture, etc.)..

5 - () general sense of vibration or internal trembling, lying down.

6 - () Worse: at night, by warmth of bed, bathing, washing with cold water; by smoking; in crescent or new, for moving the head from cold, for touch, after dinner. Better: open air, by scratching, for sweating, with the waning moon.

7 - () Right side.

8 - () neuralgic pains, sweating more, from the bottom up, worse when breathing or urinating. Burning pains.

9 - () with induration tender lymphadenopathy.

10 muscles relaxed, with little jerk or twitch.

11 United thinning.

12 great weakness, worse from 15 to 17 hours.

Desire and aversion OF CLEMATIS ERECTA
13 - () Aversion to beer. Desire for ice.

14 - () You feel confused head, heavy, full, better outdoors. Dizziness when moving head. Headache better taking the head back, in temples; hammering. Pus pimples on the forehead, painful when touched. Burning pain in the forehead skin. Vesicular eruptions wet, then crusted, painful, very itchy in the heat of the bed or room, worse in the neck. Itching of the scalp.

15 - () Sense of fire or heat comes out of the eyes, burning worse when you close or wash with cold water. Photophobia worse by sunlight. Sensitive and watery eyes, worse in open air, must close. Corneal ulcer.
Keratitis. Iritis with great sensitivity to cold and adhesions. Eyes inflamed and outgoing. Chronic conjunctivitis. Inflammation of the edges of the eyelids, with ulceration. Go run letters in writing. Itching and sores in the corners of the eyes. Conjunctiva yellow. Double Vision.
Sense of veil before the eyes. Meibomius glands swollen and painful. Pustular conjunctivitis with tub in the head.

Hey 16 bells. Burning pain in the ears.

17 coryza with blood-streaked mucus secretion. Pimples with pus
painful, in the root and tip of the nose.

18 - () right facial neuralgia, worse lying on painful side, better smoking. Burning pain in the lips with bullous eruptions. Cancer of the lips, especially in the inferior ulcerated. White blisters on the face;
wet eruptions. Face pale and sickly. Submaxillary glands swollen
Hard, throbbing, with lumps, painful when touched.

19 - () Toothache, worse at night, smoking, lying, uncovering, for things hot and the heat of the bed by cold air and cold water in the mouth. Feeling that the teeth are very long, and the slightest touch is extremely painful, with drooling, and gingivitis.

Dry mouth 20. Pains in the root of the tongue. Mouth sores.
Bloody saliva. Heat and burning in the mouth and throat.

21 easy and prolonged satiety. Nausea and drowsiness after eating.
Nausea smoking. Increased thirst. Cold and tension in the stomach.

22 - ()-like pain or stitches in the injured liver, performing worse or
stooping. Pressure outwards in English, as if to escape a hernia. Stitches in the belly up, worse when breathing or urinating.
Hypogastrium contracted, hard. Indurated and painful lymphadenopathy in English.
Swollen right Inigle.

23 liquid stools, frequent, burning and itching after stool anal best. Hemorrhoids Itching and moisture. Stools hard and difficult.

24 - () Burning pain in the urethra at the beginning, during and after urination, the last drops cause violent burning. The stream is slow, weak, thin (Copaiva), interrupts (Conium) or delayed (must wait a long time until they can start to urinate. The urine passes from the shock. He feels the urination is incomplete, unsatisfactory, as if anything left in the urethra, and there is an involuntary leakage, especially after urination. eomienzo Urethral stricture to, or constriction. Urine: turbid, purulent, milky, dark, frothy, with flakes of mucus. Gonorrhea acute purulent secretion.

25 - () Orchitis, more to the right, with drawing pains, worse at night and from warmth of bed; by suppression of gonorrhea. Pain in right spermatic cord. Thickening of the spermatic cord. Testicle retracted. Induration and swelling of the testicles, such as stone, but the
right, the worse after a gonorrhea, with bruised pains when touched,
worse at night and from warmth of bed. The scrotum is relaxed, hanging.
Swelling of the sides of the scrotum, the worse the right, with thickening of the skin. Itching of the genitals. Violent and prolonged erections with stitches in the urethra. Aversion to sexual intercourse. Burning pain in the penis to

26 - () Swelling and induration of the breasts, and very hard painful lump.
Breast Cancer, epithelioma. Uterine cancer. Menses early.
Aversion to coition.

27 - () Violent cough with irregular breathing, like a bark, with burning pain in the sternum. Dyspnoea on ascending. Precordial stitches from the inside out. Axillary adenopathy.

28 pustules in the lumbar region.

29 - () Nodosities arthritic joints of the fingers. Itching of the fingers after bedtime at night. Blisters on hands and fingers, and swelling, worse by cold water. Feel very large hands, are dry and hot. Sweat between toes, itching. Painful swelling of the knee postblenorragica. Squamous boils and rashes on her thighs.

30 daytime sleepiness, insomnia at night. Sounds a lot, vivid erotic dreams, with great concern. Sensation in the morning, not enough sleep.

31 Foot on one side. Quartan, with shivering, followed by sweat. Sweat on waking, with great sensitivity; not tolerate uncovering.

32 - () eruptions that itch, washing or washing worse, worse with cold water;
worse from warmth of bed or night. Squamous eruptions, painful,
red and wet with the crescent moon, pale and dry waning. Vesicles. Scaly or herpetic eruptions, itching,
shooting, discharging yellowish pus and corrosive, with redness,
heat and swelling of the skin. Herpes zoster. Ulcers, burning, throbbing.
Varicose ulcers.


() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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