Cobalt (cobalt). Homeopathy

MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Cobalt
1 Great joy, vivacity and quick flow of ideas. The schema for studying. Restlessness. Changing character, may have depression, aversion to physical and mental inferiority.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Cobalt
2 - () Worse: Morning, sitting, stooping. Better: lying down, getting up from sitting, walking.
3 - () Headache worse by tilting the head forward, better outdoors.
It stuns the tide and defecate. Cephalic fullness, feels big head, worse when stooping; sensation of bursting. Itching of the scalp and chin.
4 lose vision when writing, the letters are blurry to read. Photophobia in the sun with eye pain. The eyes ache at night. Profuse lacrimation outdoors. Sensation of sand under the upper eyelid. Burning eyes while reading.
5 watery nasal obstruction. Foul smelling, putrid, nose.
6 It peeled the lips and bleed with pain. Clenched jaw.
7 - () Tongue white, with a crack in the middle. Sialorrhea. Throat dry and rough. Toothache in caries teeth feel long and very sensitive to touch and cold air.
t hiccups after eating, with epigastric pain. Regurgitation with gastralgias bitter. Sensation of food in the stomach undigested or too much air. No appetite at dinner.
9 - () Pain in the liver and spleen, worse when breathing deeply. Sensation of emptiness in the abdomen after stool. Colic with watery diarrhea and rumbling in the abdomen, tenesmus, anal pain and headache. Stool girls, hard, dry, like marbles. Constantly dripping blood from anus, not bleeding when defecating.
10 - () Polyuria of pale urine, to take coffee. Greasy film in the urine, which is sparse, with sediment and strong odor. Burning at the urethral meatus and urethra during urination. Gonorrhea with greenish secretion.
11 - () Frequent nocturnal emissions with wet dreams, you wake up with headache. Nocturnal seminal Impotence with no erection loss with back pain. Erections incomplete. Pain in right testicle, after urinating. Brown spots on the genitals and belly.
12 Sighs, with stitches in the chest. Cough with pain in the throat and hemoptysis; stitches in the larynx. Copious expectoration of frothy white mucus.
13 - () Accented back pain, lumbar and sacrum, worse sitting, better when rising from sitting, walking or lying down. Lumbago with nocturnal emissions.
14 - () Weakness in the knees, shaking in the legs.
Stitches in the arms, pain in the wrists. Liver Pains as blows to his thighs. Pain as if beaten in the limbs. Twitching in the limbs to sleep. Tremors in the legs. Asleep sensation in the feet, with punctures. Sweats especially between toes, smelling acid.
Heat waves in the legs, sweating.
15 - () takes to fall asleep. He wakes up pollutions and dreams.
The dream did not rest.
16 Chills 11 to 12 or 16 to 17 hours, followed by fever, sweating, dizziness and weakness. Hot flashes with sweating.
17 Itching worse from warmth of bed. Pimples on the buttocks, chin and scalp.