Cobalt nit. Homeopathy. Treatments

(Nitrate of Cobalt. Pathogenesis of G. Maring (1955).
1 - () Excitability and overactivity, followed in a second period of inhibition and general depression. Depression, difficulty concentrating (a headache). Sad awakening (with little memory). Bosco. Anxious.
General fatigue at 2 in the morning when you wake up, lasting all day, with 2ensacion to be sleepy and heavy, better after noon.
3 Down: Morning, on waking. Best: after noon and evening; belching.
4 general slimming.
5 Increase of red cells, hemoglobin and the erythrocyte.
Desire and aversion of Cobalt NITRICUM
Desire to 6 chips; of liquids.
7 - () Head feels asleep, as compressed by a bandage. Vertigo on rising, worse from moving the head, can not stand. Heat in the head with frozen feet. Pressive frontal headache, with the feeling that the skull is sunken about the eyes. Itching of the scalp.
8 - () Sensation of sand in the eyes. Terebrante pain around his left eye. Heavy and swollen eyelids. Vision Disorders: eye can not focus for a fine job. Sensation of a veil before the eyes, especially when writing.
9 Oye roaring in the ears. Deafness.
10 - () Epistaxis sudden. Nasal Obstruction tickling and sneezing.
11 pale face, pale, thin. Blisters on the lips.
12 swelling and inflammation of the gums, pain, but in the gaps where there teeth. Dry mouth and throat, with hawking and dysphagia.
13 - () Decreased appetite. Nausea in the morning, with belching and headache. Acidity and emptiness in the stomach after eating.
14 - () pressive abdominal pains, made out to the back. Rumbling relieved by belching.
Diarrhea 15 to the morning with tenesmus, with loose stools, yellow and copious. Stool hard, like balls.
16 Pain in the kidneys. Sensitive bladder urgency to urinate and sometimes involuntary urination. Dark urine odor of garlic.
17 - () metrorrhagia. Lack of sexual desire.
18 - () Pleurodynia on the left side of the chest, worse when breathing.
19 - () Palpitations. Pericardial effusion. Chest pain.
20 dorsal pain sensation of heat and headache.
21 - () Heaviness in the limbs. Hand tremors. Cyanosis of hands and feet. Legs heavy, painful, worse tomorrow, with local numbness.
Feet icy cold. Blistering rash on the palms.
22 deep sleep, but sleep. Dreams: falling from a height; obscene unpleasant. You wake up tired, needing more sleep.
23 Shivering in the evening fever and night sweats tiring.
24 Urticaria, worse after midnight. Discolored.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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