Coca. Homeopathy

(Erythroxylon Coca)
1 - () Very shy, blush, this uncomfortable, when you are with people. Therefore,
isolated and prefers to be alone and, better yet, in the dark.
2 - () melancholy, depression, irritability, and drowsiness. Or, conversely, great mental excitement, with joy and good humor. Fantasias and wonderful visions.
3 - () Abolition of the sense of evil and goodness, of right and wrong. Lack of moral sense.
4 Sensation of impending death.
5 neurasthenia physical and mental strain.
6 Fear of falling while walking.
7 restlessness at night.
8 - () is the classic remedy mountain climbers, of mountain climbers, climbers and mountaineers, and the effects of the altitude and the ascent: headache, dyspnea, palpitations, anxiety, insomnia,
ringing in the ears, fainting, etc.. Disorders caused by low atmospheric pressure.
9 - () Worse by ascend high altitude, by walking; from sitting;
cold air. Better: for wine, for travel, for quick movements in the open air after dinner.
10 - () Especially useful for people damaged, worn, exhausted by the mental and physical effort of a busy life or agitated, suffering from nervous exhaustion. Ill effects of stimulants, alcohol and snuff, to eat foods. Marasmus in children. Obese people, energetic, nervous, weak. Postoperative adhesions and strictures.
COCA desire and aversion
11 Desire: sweets, alcoholic beverages, stimulants, who is addicted, to snuff.
12 Aversion to solid foods.
13 - () Vertigo lying face better, worse lying down and up stairs.
Tension in forehead, as if squeezing a rubber band stretched from temple to temple. Occipital pain, worse cough. Headache after eating. Headache with vertigo preceded by flashes of light. High altitude headache.
Headache over eyebrows, looking up or worse, raising his head.
Photophobia 14 with mydriasis. Looking dark cloud. Bloodshot eyes until tears come out bloody. Black spots, or bright white. The letters are to read. Diplopia when writing.
15 Hear a distant ringing or buzzing, ringing in the ears.
16 Epistaxis, from right to left. Smell greatly diminished.
17 Dry mouth on waking. Feel the swollen uvula, throat dry swallows with difficulty. Dental caries (prevents the [Allenl). Tongue coated.
18 - () slows the sensation of hunger and thirst. Prolonged satiety. The stomach feels empty or full. Belching violent, noisy.
19 Pressure in hypochondria after dinner. Flatulence, bloating, 1olicos.
20 flatus odor of burnt gunpowder. Dysentery. Constipation from inactivity of rectum; stool hard as nuts. Painful hemorrhoids sitting or walking. Sphincters relaxed.
Enuresis 21. Iridescent oily film on the urine that smells like sweat. Reddish yellow deposits in the urine. Stitches in the urethra (fernenina) before urinating. Frequent urination. Diabetes.
22 Sense of the penis is absent. Sexual organs cold, relaxed.
Spermatorrhoea helplessly. Satyriasis. Nocturnal emissions with wet dreams.
23 The menses flowing streams. Nymphomania after menstruation and childbirth.
24 - () laryngeal tuberculosis. Weakly. Hoarseness worse after talking.
Aphonia. Laryngeal irritation in the afternoon, with tickling. Dyspnea in athletes, smokers and alcoholics. Dyspnea worse ascend strain, and at night, for asthma, emphysema or alcoholism. Cough worse by cold air or fast walking.
Coughing up small pieces and cooked starch, worse morning on waking. Shortness of breath and painful night in the elderly. Shortness of breath. Irregular breathing, accelerated. Cramp in the chest, it cools and can no longer rising, intense oppression. Hemoptysis and dyspnea with oppression and a desire to breathe deeply.
25 - () Violent palpitation and audible in angina pectoris, excess or climbing efforts, for flatus inearcerados; forced by heart.
Pulse too fast or too slow or intermittent misses a beat every four.
26 - () Sensation of internal cold, with numbness in hands and feet.
Weakness in the limbs.
27 - () Sleepy, but is very restless. He sleeps on his back. Nervousness or restlessness during teething night.
28 Sensation of heat rising from behind. Fever and insomnia at night, with throbbing arteries. Chills afternoon. Night sweats.
29 Rash scarlatiniform, especially in the neck.
Fluoric acid.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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